Ladies why don't you tell us what you want?

The question is timeless but I've never heard a definitive answer on the matter. Or you tell your friends and we hear it after it's way too damn late to fix anything. Beauty of being a guy is you know what we want and have since time began. We want our Toys, our Women and our right to be Guys! That's it. So why can't you really tell us men, straight out in the open once and for all, What in the heck you REALLY WANT?


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  • It sounds like you may have been just dating the wrong set of girls for a while. Women who know what they want can be spotted from a mile away if you know what to look for. These are women at tattoo parlors whom take the pain because they wanted a tattoo of that tiger permanently and can live with it well into their eighties. These are women that try hard to get into graduate school, because they know what they want to do with their lives. Just for a few examples.

    The bad part about these women is that it took a long time for them to realize what they wanted out of life and it really is a trial and error process. Think about it this way, do you think you have learned the most from the worst or the best women you've dated? In your past, do you think you were smarter at 18 or at 28? Sometimes people have to date the wrong people and do the wrong things to fully understand what not to do again and to understand 100% what they want out of a man. Every woman (and every person) have made mistakes, especially in their love lives, but the only thing you can really do is grow.

    What do women really want? I think men and women in your context want the same things. "We want our toys, our Men, and the right to be a Woman." The problem with this is that women are all complex beings, what I want is not necessarily what another girl wants. Men don't understand that they need to fit criteria, and women need to put the criteria out there in the open on date number one, not number 23, and if you don't fit criteria it's not an insult its just proof of a bad match and that should be just accepted.

  • Because many gals are to scared, or else like to test there guys to see how much you know. or else they just want you to know. I know girls are hard to read.


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