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So I was walking into a restaurant with my family.My grandmother was walking in front and I was second. I was just looking ahead and out of the corners on my eyes.People looked up and was just looking at me.Alot of the woman gave me a look of jealous or nasty look.This guy my age looked up at me and turned his whole head around as I was walking by with his mouth open wide.When I sat down this family next to me and others.They kept looking at me and rolling there eyes basically the girls.The guys just were smiling at me with a smirk.I don't know what was up.I wasn't wearing anything to showy or slutty or out there.


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  • What do you think happened hun? Apparently you are hot shit yet are/act oblivious. It's great you got this reaction even with modest clothing kudos to you. I have to ask though are you seeking attention or just really dense?

    • No am not seeking attention I can really care less.Actually I just wonder because it was just werid and I had red coat from my grandma.So I think thag was it.

    • Thank you for helping also happy new year and since Christmas past also merry Christmas too

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