Why are girls so often prejudiced about height?

My personal favorite is when they say they are so Christian and then say a guy has to be X height as a condition... that's really incredibly shallow. So if I am 5'6 instead of 5'9 that makes me less of a person? That's basically what they are saying... like geez, sorry God didn't make me taller. Not really my fault.


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  • If I'm being completely honest, until I came on here I didn't even know that

    girls care about a guys height or that men cared about a womans hair length.

    I mean, I could careless about a guys height. it's a stupid thing to care about.

    That's just my opinion, I think most preferences are stupid. I mean, I get that

    being physically attracted to a person helps and I suppose it's a nice thing

    to be attracted. However, wanting someone to be tall or have long hair, is

    beyond wanting to be "attracted" to someone. You're REALLY narrowing your

    field there, by having a list of requirmenats that a person has to meet before being

    considered good enough to date. It's really sad that the dating world is like that,

    it really is! I don't have preferences, I never have. It's more of a cosmic universal

    thing that draws me to someone, it's a connection thing. That's what matter's to me!

    Also have to say, I don't think you're whining. I think you're stating how you feel

    about something that's unfair and stupid! And, surprisingly enough, you are allowed

    to be upset and state how you feel!


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  • Dude, guys reinforce it as well. I'm 5'9" in sneakers, not to mention heels, this guy I like is 5'7". I told him I had a crush on him and what he answered with was something along the lines of "but you're taller than me... I've always seen you as a friend anyway... and honestly, you really like shorter guys?". Geez, sorry my growth hasn't stopped at 5'. Guess having a model's height is not so hot after all.

    • Just wait till you get older, real men will appreciate your gorgeous self soon enough!

    • He is an idiot.

    • He doesn't know what he's missing.If a woman is about an inch or 2 taller than the man,that's about as good as it gets.

  • And why are guys so often prejudiced about weight? Boob size? Waist size? Ass size? Lip size? Eye size? VAGINA SIZE? Wrinkles? Hair being too short or too long? Why does me having an A-cup make me less of a person? Why does me being thin and without curves make me less of a WOMAN? Geez, sorry God didn't give me any good genetics... not really my fault eh?!

    You're preaching to the choir here. Everyone has preferences, deal with it. Find a girl who's shorter than you or something, just as I'll find a guy who doesn't mind me being thin and without curves.

    • In all fairness, weight and having long hair or short hair is a LOT easier than making yourself grow taller, lol.

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    • Haircuts say a lot about people. It reflects your style, and more important, gives people a good guess about parts of your life and what sort of person you are. For instance, look at Matt Damon's neat, short hairstyle in the "Bourne" trilogy, compared to how Vin Diesel favors a shaved head. People rightfully conclude different things based on how styles very closely correlate to a person's personality and life.

    • So what? I'm a grown woman, I can make my own decisions without having to check up with my boyfriend every other minute just to make sure I don't hurt his poor feelings by cutting my hair a few inches shorter. Jesus.

  • Okay when I think of a guy too short - like around 5'1 or 5'4, they're emotionally stunt and have a napolean complex and paranoid about everything around them

    • Such an overused term, and it is ridiculous because Napoleon's height was almost 5'7, which was somewhat above average for the time. :P

    • well you look about 5'1 in your photos.

  • It's biological. Same reason guys want big breasts and butts. Better reproduction.

    I'm sorry God didn't give me any boobs, oh wait, I'm not, because I don't care.

    • So, we can infer you've got a big bum? :o

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    • Obviously I wouldn't be interested in someone solely for his biological wellness. And that's none of your business @Hamburgers

    • I'll accept that as a yes. :o

  • Both genders do that. Perhaps most men are less picky about height on women, but they are more picky about other stuff. Like @kambo_trick3y said, men generally prefer big tits and bubble butts. Why can't women have some specific preferences if they want to?

    • Eh, as long as someone is at least somewhat pretty I am flexible with other things.

  • Everyone is entitled to having preferences when it comes to finding a partner. Just like you probably prefer a girl with big boobs and tiny waist. Leaving someone like me to work harder to get your attention.

    • My advice turn your weakness into strengths. There are lots of girls between 5' and 5'5" who will not have any issues with your height.

    • Nobody said you weren't entitled but damn it isn't the most important thing in a relationship.

    • No its not... but it is the first thing a person notices in someone they want a relationship with. Can you honestly approach someone like me?

  • I find that guys are more bothered about height. Not only their own height, but the height of their girlfriends/potential girlfriends. Guys want girls who are shorter than them just as you say that girls want guys who are taller than them.

    I'm 6'1". I have been rejected by guys who said I was too tall for them. Fine, because everyone has preferences.

    • Not everyone can stand dating Wonder Woman, lol.

    • True, haha. There were probably other reasons why they didn't want to date me as well, but I think me being taller was probably odd to them. Looking back though, I don't think they are guys I would have stuck with.

  • Ummm last time I checked, so are some guys. There are guys who won't even date girls who are about their height or taller. I'm not even tall, but I hear guys talk about how much the love "fun size" girls. So what if they do? People have preferrences. That's like me getting made for. this guy only liking girls with light eyes or liking girls with huge knockers. Obviously those guys aren't for me, so why dwell on it? Hell, somebody will like me for me. Plus that's standard of guys being taller and girls being shorter is ideal, has been around for many years. Its been forced upon us. So there is really nothing to whine about, because its nothing new.

  • :o! Oh noes!

    Shame on the female population for having attraction preferences! shame shame shame!

    ...Like guys don't have preferences... right! tall hot blondes with blue eyes...

  • Normally I get mad at people who say things like "your actions make you a bad Christian," but in this case you'd be right. Many girls, Christians in particular, need to really think about what they're demanding from a future partner. A knowledgeable priest once said in one of his sermons, "If Jesus wouldn't qualify as a husband for you, then you need to seriously rethink your list of requirements." The statement was directed at girls who have "blond hair and blue eyes" as two of their requirements in a future husband.

    Okay I should rephrase my first statement. These STILL don't make these girls bad Christians. It just makes them a bit shallow and uneducated (I guess) on what's really important in a relationship.

    • You got thumbed down because you mentioned Christianity. There definitely is an anti-Christian sentiment on this site.

      So I had to thumb you up to help negate the thumb down. :)

    • Thanks pal ;D

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  • Unfortunately, sexual attraction applies even to Christians. Hence why despite being a Christian, I don't date fat girls, for instance.

    And hence why despite being Christians, often girls won't date you. There's no commandment "thou shalt not have dating requirements." Without sexual attraction, it's just friendship.

    • Usually it's not even friendship

      and "sexual attraction"

      Christian girls don't put out until the wedding.

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    • Women have different sexual cues, and they look for things that indicate high testosterone, strength, aggression, etc. Being taller plays into that.

      And QA, maybe so. In reality, very few people who claim to be Christians follow the word seriously. You can pick up plenty of things in church sermons, for example, basically just pandering to women and slamming men. Women make up the majority in church, so pastors "sell it" to women, as the main buyers.

    • majority? Proof?

  • Well, guy's like big titties and round asses, shouldn't girls be entitled to their preferences too?

  • First, I hate when I write a long answer and then hit preview answer it just reloads the page and everything I wrote is gone. I shouldn't have to copy and paste what I wrote just in case. Ahhhh

    Here we go again, this time I will remember to copy and paste this.

    A guy preferring a girls weight is not the same thing as a girl preferring a guys height. Hell, I reject the notion that guys care about a girls weight in the first place. Guys, and girls too, care about how that weight is carried. A guy isn't going to refuse to date a girl just because she weighs X amount of weight. As long as she is attractive to the guy, the number of how much she weighs is irrelevant. If a girl looks good at 150 lbs, a guy won't care. Or if a girl he doesn't find attractive is 125 lbs, he's not just going to give her a shot just because she's weighs a certain number. The only thing that is the same thing as a girl preferring a guys height is a guy preferring a girl to be a certain height.

    Also, why are people responding with, "Screw women for having a preference" or "Everyone is entitled to having preferences" and so on. You never once mentioned in your question anything about a preference. You said, "say a guy HAS to be X height." Saying a guy HAS to be a certain height is not the same thing as a preference. A preference is what a person prefers, but they do not limit themselves to that preference. I prefer girls to be 5'3 - 5'6, but if a girl isn't in that range doesn't mean I won't give her a shot.

    Any girl and any guy that will refuse to date a guy or refuse to date a girl because they HAVE to be a certain height is shallow. So, if this girl or guy was just a tad taller or just tad shorter, you would date them? That's extremely shallow. Also, for some reason, whenever someone says they prefer a certain height, others take that as they have to be that height or else they have no shot. That's not what preference means. Preference just means liking one thing more than another.

    Lastly, what people have a problem with isn't a preference. Everyone is allowed to have a preference, but what people, such as yourself, have a problem with is that there are people out there that will refuse to even give a person a shot just because of something that is out of their control and they can't really do anything about. Like a persons height, or their skin color, or what country they were born in. Let's not confuse preferring a certain height to refusing to date because of a persons height. Now, are these people allowed to refuse to date whomever they please? Yes, it's their life and if they only want to date a blond with green eyes and dark black skin from the country Russia, then they have every right to do that. But doing so is extremely shallow, and most people can't stand someone who is that shallow and/or close-minded. So much so that when someone does come across someone that is so shallow, they get upset or irritated that they ask a question about this on GAG.

  • Well said.

    My favourite is one dating sites where they blatantly discriminated by saying things like "small men need not apply", "only tall men please".. it's despicable and y'know what I'm not gonna' take it anymore. From now I'm going to report any profile that blatantly discriminates in any way like this. It's not acceptable. I'm not even that little, average sized really, but it's the principle of the thing. I actually find it an unattractive trait. It's very unattractive.

  • Height is overrated.

    I swear to God men care about their height more than women do.

    Women care about personality most. Why guys don't understand this, I've no idea.

    If you can stimulate a woman's mind, you're attractive.

  • I'm hear you man. I'm 5'6" as well and have been rejected because of my height. Women have preferences as do guys. Can't really fault them for having standards. Like someone said, it might have something to do with that a taller guy come off as more 'protective' than shorter guys. Although, I'm not sure if that's always the case because I have a bigger, athletic build than some guys who are taller.

  • they like to be around tall guys because for some reason society views being "tall" as being "strong".

    so girls love to be around guys who are tall because since girls are indeed program to initiate drama then it suits them best to be around a tall guy that every other guy would see as some one intimidating.

    plus they wanna make other girls jealous. like they got those thoughts of "ahaha! my boyfriend is taller and stronger then your"

    • Wesker...

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    • I have both lol. I'm pretty sure that the ps4 plays ps3 games but only if downloaded from the network. PS3 gen one plays ps2 discs.

    • it does? cause sony made it official before launching the ps4 that there was no way their console would be backwards compatible as of now.

      they also said that all of your downloadable contents from your ps3 cannot be transfer

  • Girls should be able to have preferences in who they date bro.

  • I'm sorry I am having problems following this logic of when girls are Christians that they are not allowed to have preferences to what they are attracted to. I'm a Christian but I have never ever heard that I wasn't allow to have a preference to what I am naturally attracted to. I am 194 cm so the height issue has never been I've had to deal with. But guys are the most superficial beings on the planet. Why are you turning this around on women the entire world places a lot of weight on looks. I'm sure if you were given a given a choice between the same girl one that was shaved and took time with her appearance and her but she didn't shave or take as much time with her appearance you'd choose the first version. So it's the same thing. God made we all different and where we are attracted to here's the kicker to whoever we want to be, including the preferences that come along with us being human. It's not a sin to want to be with someone who is tall or short.

  • Because Men are prejudiced about a womans weight

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    • You nailed this answer. I agree with what you are saying redtide.

    • When aren't I right?, lol, jk jk

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