Washing hair everyday?

i know it's bad for the hair

but I feel that if I don't wash it everyday it get's bad

so is it usually bad for all kinds of hair or it depends on the type of hair you have?


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  • You should wash your hair as often as it needs it.

    If your hair is dry, you should probably not wash it everyday, as doing so would get rid of its essential oils, leaving it unprotected. Wash it every other day or every second day.

    However, if your hair is oily or you exercise frequently your hair will understandably need to be washed more often, perhaps every day.

    I wash my hair most days because I exercise I lot and if I don't it's normally horrible. Ever now and then I go on a kind of a detox, where I lay off the exercise a bit - and can therefore afford to not wash my hair everyday and just get back some of the natural oils and such. Washing everyday hasn't done any damage to my hair. It's in very good condition - what's more important is the products you're using.

    No matter what type of hair you have, avoid harsh shampoos containing ammonium lauryl sulphate, or sodium lauryl sulphate; these can be bad for hair. Using a shampoo with a mild detergent like TEA (Triethanolamine) or MEA (Monoethanolamine) is usually better for everyday washing.


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  • I have regular somewhat thick dark brown hair and I wash it like everyday but I also use leave on conditioner to protect my hair and I often wear a hat so that I don't get it fried by the sun. That helps too.

  • Washing it everyday isn't bad for you hair. More than once a day would be bad for your hair. If you need to wash it everyday then do that-i can do days without but if I needed to wash it everyday I would.

    • "i can do days without" EWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *looks away in disgust*

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    • Wait why is it bad to wash your hair more than once a day??? I wash my hair like 3x a day

    • 3 x day? serious? Why would anyone need to wash it that much?!?! It just strips your hair of the natural oils.

  • I think it really just depends on your hair type. My hair is pretty fine and thin. If I go a day without washing it, it looks like I poured grease on my head lol. Even those people that don't need to wash their hair everyday, sometimes I've noticed that their hair smells kind of oily and gross.


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  • I wasn't aware that it was supposedly bad for the hair.

    I wash my hair every day, and my hair is wonderful.