Why are there always this comparisons between short and tall girls?

I've seen so many question of petite girls asking if guys like them. there's so many questions like that. Personally, I feel like everyone has their own preferences, and both petite and tall girls are beautiful in their own ways. So please, stop with these questions of short girls vs. tall girls. Besides, internet isn't the right place for answers such as this, and people in real life probably don't even think about how tall or short their girlfriend would be.


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  • If it's not short vs. tall it's

    small boobs vs. big boobs

    small labia vs. large labia

    small penis vs. large penis

    skinny girls vs. curvy girls

    and so on...


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  • In the US, it is wrong to discriminate someone based off of their sex, race, religion, age, salary, sexual orientation or nationality. However, it is totally fine to discriminate people on a million different things, height, weight and looks included. So people will do it.

    Personally, since I'm 6'2" almost every girl is 5'10" or below and is "short" to me, so I have no real issue with height as long as she isn't taller than me.

    • We can't discriminate on sex when dating? Bisexuality is mandated by law?

    • It means you can't treat someone differently based on their sex (in the legal world at least).

  • I do think about how tall I want my girl to be, but It doesn't really matter. I once saw a girl my height(6 feet 2 inches) and we stared at each other as we walked by with our mouths dropped open. I would have tried to talk to her If I had time, she was the hottest blond I ever saw.

  • Yes,

    we like all girls. Tall girls want to be shot, short girls want to be tall. I thought I like petite girls more but recently my friend said "you and those tall lanky girls"


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  • There's one petite girl who acts helpless and clueless and she's always asking questions pretending to be insecure so people will tell her how much they love petite girls...

    But not everyone is like that. "The grass is always greener"

    Short girls want to be tall and model like while tall girls want to be short and feminine. Who knows? It's just height. Be lucky guys don't place much emphasis on it


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