Girls, what would a good choice for brides made dress be?

I'm not a girly girl, never went to a school dance, and only wore one dress in the last 15 years. This weekend I'm going bridesmaid dress for my best friends wedding. I have no clue what to even look at! I'm 5.6, 210, and still in the process of loosing weight. (So far I've lost 35 lbs) I'm only a B cup and I have broad shoulders. Any help?!
Thanks everyone. My friend said she was thinking of everyone wearing the same color, not sure yet possible red or yellow, but different style dresses. So I probably will be able to pick whichever style suits me best. I was just wondering what style that would be. I'm kinda insecure with my body still so it's just hard to actually know when I've found something flattering or not.


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  • Usually the bride has a color combo that she has decided on.

    It is best not to stand out. Most brides tell there maids what to wear.

    So you might want to ask some other people what they are wearing find out what color her mother is wearing or sisters or if the grooms guys are wearing colored ties or anything like that.

    Any color can stand out badly if it doesn't BLEND in with everybody else.

    In a wedding you want to look nice but it is polite to BLEND IN or coordinate.

    Do not wear white or off-white.

    If you have no clue at all the only safe thing to do is wear a pretty black dress.

    Again you can ask her what other family members are wearing and such to get some kind of idea.

    Good Luck! Congratulations on being a brides maid :P It means you are closer to becoming married yourself LOL


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  • Congrats on your weight loss! I guess first you need to know what flatters your body - you can google what looks good on broad shoulders, etc, or ask someone who works at the bridal shop.

    I'd suggest you just keep trying stuff on. The bride probably has something in mind for what she wants, so just try influence her to make it as flattering as possible.

    • A few tips: Covering your shoulders will make them look broader - strapless or straps with a V-neck will be most flattering. Fuller skirts will balance you out if you have narrow hips

  • An off shoulder dress may suit you. Off shoulder with boat neckline, find a dress color to match your friends' wedding. Be a girly girl and dress you up, do not afraid of dress just because of your figure, you can custom dress online and perfect dress will give you more energy to loose your weight.

    xoxo from


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