Should I start investing my money in beauty and cosmetics?

- getting my hair blow dried

- getting make up colours for my face

- getting contact lenses

- getting expensive winter jackets

- getting a gym membership

- getting low calorie foods

- learning to walk in high heeled shoes

I am thinking of investing $500 dollars in this every month. Is that good or bad? More or less? I've never really had any luck with men but I want to get married soon.


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  • YES. You need to take care of your hair. You don't have to put a lot of make up, just enough to make your best features shine. Contact lenses yes, if you have glasses with bad frames that don't do any good on your face, but there are many people who look better with glasses. I don't see why an investment in clothing that frames and fits your body would be bad? And a gym membership and low calorie food YES. It's eat delicious or look delicious. Your choice. :)


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  • Yes and no. I respect a good investment in self maintenance, but you're spending money in the wrong areas. You should prioritize skin protection - invest in good facials and moisturizers first and foremost. There's nothing hotter than a woman who's aged well and gracefully.

    Contacts, hair, face paint... they're all just superficial shit.

  • What exactly are you thinking the return for this so called "investment" will be? If you want to blow your cash on that, then whatever floats your boat... I'm just curious why think it's an investment.

  • If you can afford it, and nobody suffers at this expense, why not? Lemons & kiwis are some good fruits that are great for the skin, you should try those!


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  • 1. Unnecessary. Get your hair cut every 6 weeks and you'll do just fine.

    2. If you want. I only use makeup on special occasions. Using an exfoliant can do wonders without all the gross powders and creams.

    3. If you find the right fames you'll look just fine.

    4. I don't get how this helps you? Get a jacket that will keep you warm that looks good. You don't need more than one.

    5. Always worth it. If you're going to go, worth it. But put that membership to good use, go at least 3-5 times a week.

    6. This isn't hard or bad, either. This isn't beauty this and the gym are just healthy for you. You should do this anyway. There are some really delicious foods out there and they're easy to prepare, really really worth your time.

    7. Bullshit and a half. High heeled shoes are awful for your body, they throw everything out of line and destroy your muscle and skeletal structure. I'd say learn and keep a pair or two for special occasions but for the most part you shouldn't need to worry about it. Nothing a pair of cute flats or nice boots won't be able to handle.

    And whatever you do, don't do it for other people. They will see that and it's not good. Do things for yourself. If you need another person to be happy, or feel pretty, or inspire you to do things then you are not in a place to have a healthy relationship. Your life and your choices need to be for you. All of this is for someone else, and until you get over that mindset you shouldn't be thinking about relationships at all, never mind getting married.

  • "I am thinking of investing $500 dollars in this every month."

    Reverse psychology, huh? You want people to see that number and tell you "no! a guy should like you for who you are."

    Well, if your hair is dry, damaged and short--then yes, you need to buy quality shampoo, conditioner, heat protectant and deep conditioner.

    If you're fat then you need to put the fork down, eat healthy and go to the gym to exercise.

    If you dress like shit then yes, you need to dress in a manner that compliments you.

  • ...what for?

    • I want a good looking guy whose passionate about me and wants to take care of me.

    • i.e, you're a golddigger...

    • What is wrong with you? If you see a girl/woman walk past by you and looks like a mess you go and comment how she needs a makeover. When she wants to change and wants to improve herself, she has alter motives. NO. Every woman wants to feel beautiful and comfortable in her skin and the changes she'll make will help her. Besides do you know a guy who can resist a girl who knows how to dress appropriately, has a great perfume on, some discrete make-up and a nice shiny hair?

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