Do guys feel bad about themselves for being big?

Body wise, not about what's in their pants.

It seems like this one guy I know gets embarrassed about being big. The guys bag on him for being big and he plays along, but I can see that he feels bad.

I think he looks fine the way he does. He's not obese where he looks unhealthy. He's just really tall, and built. Its not all muscle, he is chubby but he looks good. I don't see why he should feel bad. He looks cuddly. If I could, I would hug him every chance I'd get.


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  • I'm big, and my friend know better than to bag on me because I would kick their asses like a heart attack.

    • yes, exactly. If I was a big guy, I'd take advantage and act all tough. I wouldn't let anyone disrespect me or they will get punched in the face.

      so does this mean he's a sensitive guy?

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    • And thank you for the BA!

    • you're welcome :D

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  • Surprising a lot of girls like a man with some meat on him so they can have a bear body as I like to call them to sleep and lay on I have never made fun of people for it though.

  • I sort of hate myself for being fat. I know it's not rational, but it's a hard habit to break. It makes it really hard to open up emotionally because I know I'd want nothing to do with someone my size.

    Fat isn't just unsightly for me. When I see It in the mirror, it's a character flaw. Depressing question.


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