Put up to a dare by my girlfriend.

Hey all,this is kind of embarrassing to post about but my great is making me do it.a little backstory,I always like my girlfriend to wear thongs or g-strings and for a few days she didn't wear them and I got mad at her And she said she was tired of thongs all the time and I told her that they couldn't be that bad,so she called me out on that and said I dare you to wear them for a whole month,I said sure,anyway I'm on day three of my dare and damn,it feels like a nonstop wedgie,how do you women wear these all the time?
Ha ha,no not a weird question at all,yea it is a thong for men,I just find it irritating because the strap in back is sort of thick.


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  • Hahaha, this really made me smile! A good quality thong doesn't feel like a non stop wedgie, not to me, it's comfortable and you don't notice it. Weird question maybe but are you wearing a thong made for men? Because that could feel a little more comfortable than just grabbing one (clean) from your girlfriend.

    • It takes some getting used to though, after a while you don't notice it anymore. Good luck with the dare ^^

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    • Glad I my post made you smile, it doesn't bother me if you find it humorous,I ran my mouth and now I'm paying the price,now I gotta own up.

    • Thanks for BA!

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