Synthetic jewelery?

Natural gems are created by compression, heat and foreign materials. Variating these creates different ones (diamond, ruby, emeralds)

Quality synthetic gems are created by simulating these conditions

To identify one from the other, key factors often include identifying flaws in the gems as synthetic are often too "perfect"

Price is also a significant difference with natural ranging in above to much much higher in price.

Whether you are giving jewelery with a gem in it or receiving, do you care if it is natural or not?

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  • Only synthetic
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Most Helpful Girl

  • look, I usually don't care about that, as long as I know he's putting effort into what he chooses I don't mind. remember that there are items which are also semi precious, so sometimes its not all or nothing=]

    as long as it looks beautiful I will love it and wear it=] and when it comes to jewellery I'm not that picky=]


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What Girls Said 3

  • I'm not into collecting luxurious things, so I don't really care whether or not it's natural.

  • Idc. If it's not gold, who gives a fuck,lol .

  • There is a tradition of gems being meaningful as a level of commitment because they were rare, special and expensive.

    If you give jewelry you should just stick with gold and silver not synthetic gems. It's tacky.

    This is kind of an old-fashioned thing. Where gems were something that a guy couldn't afford to give to every girl on the block. You can give synthetic gems out to any body because they are so inexpensive.

    Just like a chick that gives a blow job to every guy on the block.

    • Okay let me put it this way: You can give fake jewelry to your sister. Females can buy fake gems to complete outfits. There is fake jewelry from the 50's and 60's made out of glass. It was not a gift item, it was something that people bought as an outfit completion thing.

What Guys Said 1

  • Jewelry is a joke based on artificial demand geared towards greed. A pound of sugar goes for $3. Put it under heat and pressure in a lab and you can sell it as industrial diamonds for several thousand dollars, that is if you hold the patent (i.e GE). Dig up the same chunk of carbon somewhere in the world and it would be millions of dollars... Why? Because some girl wants to feel better then some other girl buy spending her husbands money on something useless because we've got money to burn... =/


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