What do I wear with this dress?

I'm wearing a red dress that kind of has long rob-ish well robes at the back. it looks pretty elegant and I'm also wearing a silver necklace that has a thin chain and the pendant is a little dolphin with a diamond ball and the inside of the dolphin is made from balls TINY balls of silver and diamonds AND also I will wear black sheer stockings. I was wondering what color of shoes should I wear and what should kind? can I wear a shawl since it's night time? should I wear a purse? or a tote? PLEASE give me a detailed answer on what should I wear.


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  • I'd go with black shoes with gold glitter..the heels depend on how tall you are, but not the really high heels since you'll be outside part of the time.

    Yes, you should wear a scarf or wrap both to accompany the dress for elegance.

    .I'd say a grey or turquoise wrap to show off the silver necklace, and a purse for an elegant look. A small purse, also in grey or turquoise. Nothing that would distract people from the dress too much.


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  • If the dress is floor length I would say a nice pair of flats, but if it's not wear a pair of heels. I guess a one those small purses would work, unless you do not want the hassle of carrying something. If it's a cool-coldish night go with the shawl, if not then it's up to you.


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