Girls only - do you wear shorts under your skirts and dresses?

Do you always wear shorts underneath or only under certain skirts/dresses or at certain times/events only?

What kind of shorts are they (eg. spandex) and how long are they?

Where did you get them from?

Why do you wear them and if not why not?

I always wear black spandex shorts under mine. They have about a 4" inseam so they are nice and short and don't poke out below my skirts.

I brought mine from Forever 21 and American Apparel. I love the black nylon/elastane spandex shorts from AA the most as they are the most comfortable and love the high waisted feel on them..

I just like feel securely covered so I can be comfortable and confident in my dress or skirt without having to worry about someone seeing my underwear.
Anyone else?


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  • i wear them incase the wind blows my dress or skirt up or some idiot tries to pull it up, I either wear black spandex ones or if the dress is a light colour ill wear white ones. I got mine from Primark (I think its a UK only store)

    • I have never thought about white spandex shorts or light coloured dresses, good idea :) I might try that :)

      I have always just worn black ones.

      Also never really had someone try to pull my skirt up, just had pervs trying to look up it going up stairs or when I am sitting down but they get is an eyeful of black spandex lol

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    • occasionally in town a drunk guy (in the evening or at night) or a school age teen who thinks he's funny will do it to someone, id rather be safer than sorry unfortunately incase it happens

    • Yeah that's a really good idea with that happening. I have never dealt with guys pulling my skirt up, just trying to look up it. Either way I am covered with black spandex shorts and all hell will rain loose if some guy tries lifting my skirt :p He won't here the end it because I won't stand for it :)

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    • lol yep, those creeps trying to film her all they got is her white spandex shorts blocking their view lmfao. The fact creeps would even film like only makes increase my resolve to wear spandex shorts even more lol.

    • Yeah, but he still stuck around for almost 8 minutes though, so he did not seem to care. Why not wear longer skirts/dresses? Or pantyhose/tights?

    • I don't really care about length as firstly my booty is covered and second they cover my shorts. Guys can look at all the shorts they want lol.

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  • Ya so no one can peek under

    • Yep can't have anybody looking up them :p What kind of shorts do you wear underneath?

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    • Ahh haha

    • Would serve them right haha

  • No, I rarely do, but I do have a pair of boyshorts I keep around for those dresses that are sort of on the really short side. I usually have on tights, pantyhose or stockings so that eliminates the need for shorts. Otherwise, well, if the dress is a maxi or otherwise long enough, I don't care. I find shorts can leave odd lines on some of my dresses. And even in my short dresses, the boyfriend likes easy access ;)

    • Yeah wearing tights most the time has the same effect really :p I find boyshorts are still underwear so I would still cover them up with shorts lol

      As for lines the spandex shorts I have don't give any, so lucky me I guess :) I will still wear shorts even under a maxi since I just feel naked without them. Can't stand the feeling of not been secured underneath haha

    • Each to their own, it gets too hot here in the summer to wear more than what's absolutely necessary, I love maxi dresses for that reason, I can pull one on over my bikini and feel completely covered and proper but not overheating. Does take some getting used to as I'm usually a jeans and hoody kind of girl.

    • Yeah it gets hot where I am as well in summer. I just usually wear denim short shorts then. It does get hot having your spandex shorts underneath in summer but if I wear a skirt those shorts stay on no matter how hot it gets as long as I wear the skirt, can't risk even for one second lol

  • No, I have never bothered to do this. The most I've ever worn like that is a white slip underneath a white skirt that was slightly see-through.

    • Yes! Thank youuuuu. Proof that god is a man

    • Umm wtf redtide. You are exactly the kind of reason why I wear shorts underneath.

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