Why Do guys only care about looks in a girl?

It's SO annoying when a guy only likes you because of your looks. I'm very curious why tho.


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  • Looks are a great indicator as to how the individual takes care of herself currently ;;

    Further into detail, we would like a spouse that, if we have kids with this person - how would the kids genes compare

    If you want a blue eye'd kid with blonde hair approximately 5'2'' then it makes no relevant sense- upon initial contact- to pursue a woman who is has green eyes, is a brunette and is approximately 4'3''

    Additionally, there are people out there that are looking for a "good looking" partner because they have little faith in those individuals that don't portray that they are willing to go to the gym all the time.

    - There are many different answers for this question, but here's some questions I ask myself when I first get to know someone:

    :: Are they confident

    :: Are they conceited / Are they fun

    :: Do they take care of themselves (Physically / Mentally / Etc)

    :: Do they put in effort to look good

    :: Are they "given their looks" through DNA (Turn off in some cases)

    :: Are they open to a conversation

    Heres the last paragraph in my essay Lol...

    - The confidence part is a key playing factor, I have seen my sister (360 lbs at age 15... I have pictures to prove) become an outgoing individual and focus on getting rid of her flab due to diabetes. She is now 160lbs at age 22 and has come quite a far ways -- She has attracted a lot more male friends because she shows how willing she is to be an outgoing individual and take charge in her own life. <-- This is an example of how woman can tip the scales in their favor

    Hope the information helps~


  • Depends on the type of guy you're going for. It seems like you're under 18 so here's probably the reason. Guys tend to hit puberty a lot earlier than women. Guys around that age are thinking about sex and the first thing they notice about a girl is her looks.As the boy grows into a man, he will start to judge a woman on other characteristics: is she smart, is she financially stable, etc etc.

    Looks are the first thing someone notices about any person. It's a human instinct.


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