To scared to look at him?

Help me I'm like seriously in love with this boy! But the problem is I can't even look at him, let alone talk to him. What are some things I could do to get his attention somehow?


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  • be yourself: you want him to like you for you,

    work on you weakness: do this so you can be the best you, you can be! also in case he doesn't feel the same way about you, you won't care as much because you feel better about your self and feel more confident.

    smile at him: this will tell them that you interested. you may not believe this but by you not ever looking at him he may think that you don't like him.

    be read to be disappointed: there's a good chance that he won't feel the same way about you, so don't get you hopes up. stay level headed.

    stay open: he is not the end all be all guy, there are other men out there that will be better for you.

    LOVE: google the definition for the word "LOVE", then think.. "do I have those on paper feelings for him" if the answer is no then you don't love him you just like him. be careful with that, because if he is a shitty person he will use your feelings against you to control you.



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  • Start some small talk.. about school, sports, school sports or events... anything really.. Just don't do what most girls do.. They are terrible at keeping conversation, make yourself easy to talk to and try not to hit any dead ends... Get to know him a little (if you don't already) and casually get his number and always keep conversations interesting.. Guys usually aim for that but sometimes are left hanging because the girls keeps it too simple (ex: what's up, how was your day.. etc is boring). Once you get yourself a little closer to him you can really start to get in his head and be a little touchy and joke with him.. just flirt a little and if he seems flustered or doesn't mind you can push a little harder... I'm sure you can read around this site if you are bad at flirting and the like.. good luck


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