What can I say to a hot fitting room attendant who keeps checking me out?

You know some fitting rooms have a mirror across from each stall so you can see how you look from afar? CottonOn has that and so I kept opening the door to check how I looked.

Every time I opened the door, the guy at the folding-clothes area (who was alone) kept looking over. When I started trying on baby shorts and skirts, he started walking into the central corridor area. (I retreated back and closed the door without wasting time each time because I don't think he actually realized he was doing such a god-awfully weird thing.)

But damn was he hot! I wish I had the guts to just let him watch me in baby shorts (...I was gonna be wearing those out if I bought them anyway, but somehow being looked at in the changing room felt so...risque.) In future what should I say to a hot fitting room attendant who keeps looking? (I really wanted to jump him.)


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  • This one is super simple... just ask for his opinion.

    I have done this with plenty of girls when trying on clothes at the mall. Something as simple as... "Hey do you work here?" to which they'll often say, "Oh, um no. Sorry." To which I'll say, "Oh good, so you don't mind if I steal this?"

    Or just keep it simple like, "Hey, I need a guys opinion... what do you think of these shorts on me?" If he's got any game he'll start a conversation. Or just keep asking him each time you try one something new.

    Most guys will jump at the chance to flirt with a cute girl who's brave enough to ask for a guy's advice. We're suckers like that.

    ~ Robby

  • You should if asked him over and asked your opinion on your outfit


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