Am I dateable material?

I am wondering what my defect is why is it that women look at me with a look of disgust. Am I too ugly to be dateable material the only thing I've ever attracted are cheaters and drug addicts and girls that are just interested in putting effort in a relationship I want a good an down to earth girl but I can't even get two words out without getting that look ofdisgust
The reason i.ask is because some girls I've talked to say that I'm a very pretty guy one even called me beautiful, yet I wonder why wouldn't they date me then instead of going after the guy with a unibrow and cave man forehead which I don't understand. Is pretty not a desirable trait in a guy


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  • of course you are! don't be so hard on yourself


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  • Yes you are. You're just picking the wrong kind of people.

  • You will find someone


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