Clothing...? How much influence does it make?

What do girls prefer a guy wears for clothes on a daily basis? Does it really make "that" much of a difference? I'm sure seeing a guy (or even girl) at any given store in a pair of sweatpants, isn't the most attractive, but are you really going to find him that much less attractive or even worse...turn him down based on that?

Btw, I don't wear sweatpants.


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  • Clothes make a HUGE difference. You need to wear clothes that places focus on your best features. Some men look better in t-shirts than polos, or better in button downs, etc. This is the same as pants AND YOUR HAIR! For instance, I know that I look good in dark colored clothes because I have a nice natural tan, dark hair, and dark features. I also have good legs from sports and strong shoulders. So, I normally where nice shorts if I can and have a t-shirt on that shows my upper body or forms around my shoulders. It really makes a difference.

    Women look at men's bodies as much as men glare at women. They are just more subtle about it ;)

    • So you're saying...darker clothes for more tan and lighter for less tan? Or did that go over my head?

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  • I really don't care very much about clothes at all. The guy I like right now pretty much wears the same thing every day (t-shirt, hoodie, jeans/shorts), and it doesn't matter to me.

  • It really comes down to the situation. I think one should dress according to occasion and surroundings. It tells me that the person understands social cues and is confident about themselves.

    Will it be a deal breaker if he wore sweats for a walk in the park? No. But it will definitely be a deal breaker if he wore sweats to an interview.

    As for daily clothing, as long as it's clean and comfortable, it's never a turn off.


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  • I can't speak for everyone, but I would just like to say that, since I have started dressing relatively nicely on a regular basis, girls have definitely shown significantly more interest in me.

    • What does "relatively nicely" consist of?

    • My outfits generally consist of:

      A nice, button-down t-shirt, sometimes on top of an undershirt or a regular t-shirt

      Nice jeans

      nice sneakers

      and then socks and etc.