Difference betwen cute and sexy?

There's a guy that has called me both before. I was just wondering if there was actually a difference. To me they both just seem like ways of saying he's physically attracted to me but I was just wondering if there's a difference.


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  • Well for me there is a difference. I'm attracted to both, but I prefer dating cute girls, vs sexy ones.

    Cute is when a girls is attractive, but in a more fun, silly, youthful way. It has to do with how they act, how they are, and how they look.

    Sexy is when a girl is attractive, but also someone I feel lust towards. Basically I want to have sex with, because the way they look, their eyes, hair, cleavage, figure, etc... It makes my sexual side feel attracted to them. This is usually because of the clothes they wear, and sometimes because of the way they act (sexual appeal).


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  • Cute would be someone like Ariana Grande and Valerie Poxleitner. Sexy would be someone like Monica Bellucci.

  • Cutes attractive

    Sexy is you wanna bang them


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