I'm going to a formal dance?

my date is wearing a strapless purple shiny dress and to match I was thinking about wearing black slim-fit dress pants and a black with small white polka dotted dress shirt...with a shiny purple tie...

and then some black dress boots...i also am wearing a black belt and tucking my shirt in of course...
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  • try not wearing a shiny purple tie but instead a dark purple non-shiny tie.

    I would also suggest black dress shoes, boots tend to look redneck when paired with suit pants - Just my opinion ;)


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  • Sounds as though your date is going to be the belle of the ball, and with her on your arm, her elegant Prince Charming. I have been giving this some thought, sweetie: I love the idea of you wearing the black slim-fit dress pants, making sure they are not so tight that everything in front "bulges," if you get my drift. That is in good taste. The idea of the black dress shirt, I like , but I am leaning MORE towards a solid silk black dress shirt with those "slick slacks,' sweetie. I think the idea of "small white dots" on this black dress shirt, may counter act with this lovely purple "shiny or even silk" purple tie. Make sure the tie is in impeccable taste, and doesn't stand out like a---"purple thumb." Okay, now, the black dress belt sounds nice, just be sure it is a DRESS black belt, not casual. And if you(which I am sure you know this:P)put your pant legs over the "fancy foot wear," I believe honestly you both could be crowned: "King and Queen.":)) Have a ball!xx

  • wear a regular white or black dress shirt and youd be looking great :)

    if you bought her some purple roses from a florist youd make her the happiest girl at the dance too

  • You're lookin good :P

  • I think it will be awesome. have fun!

    I never went to any of the dances during my school days. I just never was any good at group social events.


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