Would you date someone with chest acne?

i have aggressive chest acne that started developing in October. it kicked into high gear last month, and now my big boobs are covered with clogged pores, zits, and blackheads. I was hoping at 32 that acne was a thing of the past. if I told you upfront about it, would you still date me? and how would you react when you saw it?
i appreciate the tips, but I would prefer answers. I didn't ask "what's the best way to treat acne?" so please stop answering that.


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  • The way you describe it it doesn't sound very attractive, but I wouldn't not date someone for that.

    • it's getting to the point that even I'm disgusted by them. I've never really cared about my boobs before, but this is just...ugh.

    • I think there are treatments. Maybe see a dermatologist. I hate to see a girl sad about boobs.

    • lol. yeah I have an appointment with my gp coming up; will add this to the things I want to discuss.

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  • You should probably change your bras more frequently. Try not to wear the same one two days in a row.

    • i don't wear bras much. and I only own one bra that fits, due to my large size and non-existent budget. but like I said I rarely wear it, and I wash it when I do.

    • To answer your question, yes I would still date a girl who has acne below the neck. Wouldn't be a deal breaker, if it was very excessive I wouldn't like it very much.

    • thank you. and unfortunatly, mine is excessive.

  • You know there is stuff to treat sever acne right.


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