Males, black woman's hair. Your view, natural or hair extensions?

I've been going natural for aboutv4 years and its rough trying to do my hair nice everyday and do everything also sovive been deflecting self and wearing hats, pi by tails and or just pub up nothing fancy or becoming. Now I want to date and want to get a feel of what guys think women who wear hair extensions, Clio sons, wigs, etc? Do you not think about it, do you not care either way, prefer natural hair or dislike it because you want all natural hair you can rub your fingers through? Do you choose the girl with or without hair extensions? Keep and mind guys that white women have been doing for years.. does this not matter to you and women how do you feel when your intimate with your man and he goes for your extensions during a steamy ,XXX moment?


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  • Definitely natural curly is great grow it out however you want if it feels good to the touch it probably looks good as well.

    It used to bother me when my ex would walk around slapping herself on the head because of the weave.

    @bombdotcom: I'm a 22 year old white male and I don't mind natural hair at all the only time I've ever thought it was awful was when I saw this girl that looked pretty cute until she took her hat off and she had cornrows under it... that's just not a feminine hairstyle at all and I can't imagine too many women would be flattered by it.

    • Such a cute and real comment you made. Yes, I've both seen and experienced the slapping of the head...forgot about that its been so long. When the hair is first done it us so tight at the scalp you get this itching feeling because of the pulling and only scratching or slapping of the head offers relief. Sounds strange and I'm giggling typing this as I have a flashback of a girlfriend doing the same thing and it was hysterical and weird. I experienced it, didn't like it so never did again.

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  • Natural has it's advantages as you mention, and can also be made to look really attractive, but this does require much effort. My wife prefers extensions or wigs which I'm very happy with as it allows a variety of "looks" and nicely accents her countless other physical qualities.

    • Sorry for the typos my key pad is so tiny. Do you ever pull or toss your wife's natural hair while in the moment? Do you want to but feel uncomfoftltable? Does she sleep with wigs or goes to bed natural, and a acaef or wears extensions? I'm still contemplating natural, wig or extensions. I have a date Sun with a 36 hr old white guy. Not that he matters but I guess I'm trying to set the relationship I guess. Extensions are time consuming, wigs are versatile but good for bed and natural is work.

    • She usually goes to bed "natural", unless she has extensions at a given time, so there are times to pull and times when it's best not to. ; - )

  • A prior lover had quite a lot of extensions. She looked a bit like you.. She had rope-sized rows that covered her head from forehead to half way down the back of her head before becoming loose off of it. They were very warm to the touch, which I liked. They were maintenance-free except for all that patting of her head when they were new. They were not in the way during XXX. I loved her. Thanks for bringing up the memory.


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  • Why not go to a natural hair salon?

    And your hair in double strand twists?

    Once in a while you should switch up between extensions, and your regular hair

    so you keep your look interesting and fresh.

  • I've actually only ever heard white men say not so nice things about natural hair...

    Guys like "natural" unless we're talking about hair. Curly hair and nappy/kinky hair are no-go's

    It's better to self hate by using chemicals that allow you to adapt to their standards of beauty, if that's what you're aiming for. It's OK to be fake then.

    It's a foreign concept to them


    But if you want to remain natural then stay natural. There's no sense in throwing away 4 years worth of patience and hard work.

    Maybe change it up once in a while but continue to take care of it. That way when you do straighten it (if ever), it'll be gorgeous. So many girls would love to be able to say they're 4 years into being natural but can't.


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