Are girls supposed to wear makeup to cover up acne spots and scars?

I have pinkish scarring and a few acne spots on my face at any given time. I used to have very severe cystic acne so this is way better and far less painful. Anyway, one of my friends was looking at my face last week when I had my hair pulled back and asked why I didn't cover up the marks and spots. I was surprised and just told her that I don't feel the need to do it because even if they're hidden, they're still there so why bother? She let the subject drop but I wondered if I should do it anyway. I used to wear skin makeup when I was younger, like in middle school and high school 'cause I felt bad about my skin but I got over it and just didn't feel like doing it anymore. I'm in college now so maybe I should do it again because I'm surrounded by all kinds of people with good skin. Or should I leave it alone and keep doing what I'm doing? When you have cystic acne as bad as I did, it's easy to appreciate a little scarring and small spots because they aren't extremely painful and giant lumps like they used to be. I personally don't mind them too much but maybe everyone else does so they need to be hidden. I don't know. Any advice?


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  • Do what you feel. It's acne it happens and we're all older and hopefully passed the phase of calling each other pizza faces lol. If it isn't bothering you then you shouldn't need to wear it and make-up can potentially make it worse. So if you do decide to do make up, make sure to clean or replace your brushes once a month, don't share, and don't leave your make up on overnight.

    • Ok. Thanks for the advice.

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  • Only if she wants to. To men, or at least to me, makeup is a bonus. It enhances you, but doesn't define you. I've always wondered why men don't wear that stuff for their acne/skin blemishes. We just don't do it. I'll use wash wash for mine but I wouldn't dare touch makeup. You ever wonder why that is?

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    • True. Sometimes makeup really does make a girl look better than without it. I think it depends on how it's applied and where.

    • That's why I always say, looks are a bonus to me. As long as I'm into you, looks don't matter

  • It's relative, some people may find it distracting, but most would be okay with it if you are,

    I'm no expert on this, but I know that drinking lots of water is better than scrubbing away at your face every day,

    • Too much scrubbing is bad. It's how I got some of my scars 'cause I kept ripping off the scabs. I've heard drinking water helps so I'll try it and see if it works. Thanks.

  • A tan would look better than coving yourself with make-up.

    • I can't tan, I just burn so that's not an option. Thanks anyway though.

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  • it's optional. It does look better when spots are properly concealed, but not caked on makeup. If you feel fine with your spots showing then why bother spending extra time and money to cover them.

    • It takes a lot of time for me to hide the spots because of how red or pink they are. It used to take so long that I ended up late for school a few times. That's part of the reason I stopped using makeup. Your answer reminded me of that. Thanks.

  • Honestly, I used to have the same issue. I still have scarring and pink areas. You don't need makeup, but it does help conceal the pink and most of the acne scarring.

    What I usually do is, do a little bit of covering up, by using a BB cream ( and if the scarring is really dark, CC cream. This covers up some of the spots and it looks, very nice on the skin because it still lets your skin breath.

    thats what I do when I go to school.

    when I go out. I use that and concealer, and then I add all the other stuff that's bad for the skin, lol.

    But, if you don't want to wear it, don't :)

    if you want any advice on the acne things, Just message me.

    • That routine sounds good. I might give it a try if I decide to go back to makeup. Thank you. :)

    • No problem! Anytime!

  • I wonder if getting a slight tan would help evenout the color of the scar tissue, lots of scar tissue will fade over time.

    • I tried that but it didn't work. I burn in the sun easily because I'm really light. I hope they fade over time.

    • They will fade, just take care of your skin now going forward. And give me best answer for good luck.

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