Red dipdye. Should I do it?

So I've been debating when ether I would or wouldn't go for a dark red dipdye this time. Normally I would have a light brown dipdye like I have now but I wanted to go for a warmer colour this time. Something like this : link

What do you guys think? Yes or no?
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Well guys Here is the result! Whaha I really need to get used to this new colour but I totally love it! I hope you guys do too!

The picture is on my profile


Most Helpful Girl

  • Hi, The photo is pretty on her because her hair is very smooth if you will. My hair is on the frizzy side and I know that if I dip dyed by hair it wouldn't look quite like that photo.

    You might as well try it though if you feel like it, the only thing I can suggest is to shell out the money to go to a really good salon so they don't screw it up on you.

    Seems like you could do a lot of fun playful stuff with your hair, :)

    Go for it why not.

    • yeah I normally dye my hair myselfs since hairsalons always screw my hair. I have really soft curls and they always ruin it so I am my own hairsaloon hahah

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    • YAY! SHE DID IT. It looks fun, you have some spunk girlfriend.

    • Haha thank you

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  • Go for it. You'd even look good with no hair at all!


What Girls Said 4

  • I just did! Last week I used Loreal HiColor in Magenta. I like it and have gotten a lot of compliments on it and I like it a lot (even though I was going for more of a gradual ombre look). I say go for it.

    • Oh really! Ill go look for it. :) and it's nice to hear it worked out for you do you have a picture I can stare at and see the outcome :)?

    • I'm kinda weird about posting my face on the internet (and too lazy to tbh and the pictures I took didn't capture the color very well for some reason :/ ) but it turned out exactly like this link link I used 40vol developer on bottom, 30 in middle and 20 up top and then..

    • I blow dried the ends for 15 minutes. I thought it would be more gradual, but it's still cute. I generally wear it more wavy like in the 2nd picture.

  • I think yes!

    I mean if you don't like it, the best part about hair is that you can always change it.

  • It looks nice but I think you'll still look good without it.

  • I think that would look very good on you!


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