Which do you think would smell the best?

from this list of fragrances. I'm going to buy some, I just can't decide on which!

* Apple Fantasy

* Apricot Honey Fantasy

* Cherry Blossom Fantasy

* Clean Lavender Vanilla Fantasy

* Coconut Breeze Fantasy

* Cotton Candy Fantasy

* Cucumber Melon Fantasy

* Diva Latina

* Feel Elegant Fantasy

* Freesia Fantasy

* Fresh Lemon Sugar Fantasy

* Fresh White Musk Fantasy

* Iced Cupcake Fantasy

* Pear Fantasy

* Plumeria Fantasy

* Raspberry Fantasy

* Sexiest Musk Fantasy

* Sugar Apple Fantasy

* Sugar Vanilla Fantasy

* Tuberose Musk Fantasy

* Vanilla Fantasy


I've heard that guys love lavender? is that true?


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  • I think the apple fantasy would smell pretty cool.

    I have the raspberry, vanilla, fresh white musk, cotton candy, pear, lavender vanilla.

    I would say definitely get vanilla...apparently guys like vanilla. The pear one smells REALLY good. Personally I'd stick to the fruit ones, because I think that would be cool to smell like lemon... lol I have a cucumber melon one from another company...and it smells like cleaning products...it smells good, but not that great for perfume. lol

    Anyways, hope this helped!

    (really, get the pear!)


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  • Coconut Breeze takes me somewhere tropical and isn't as overpowering as other fragrances. Also Freesia is fresh and nice. Stay away from the very strong smells 'cause it can be just nasty if it's too sweet smelling. Go for fresh and lightly floral.

  • Coconut breeze and sexiest musk fantasy. The smell earthy like, with some tropical touch. I love those smells. I'm not a fan of fruity or extremely floral fragances. I prefer richer, not usual smells. Vanilla is always good. It's proven to be the most appealing scent to men.

  • lol @ diva latina... wow. anyway my favorite is ALWAYS cherry blossom. it smells clean but also has a noticable scent to it with slight sweetness. love it =] what's this for?