Does he truthfully like me and should I open myself up for him?

I got to know this guy online for a while, chatted every now and then before we met he jokingly said he liked me and asked for a date from me. We met 3 months ago and we hit off.

I admit I was bad at that time as I wasn't considering it as a date nor a possible relationship. we spent the day together just chilling out and went party as I wished. as I recall now, I had all his attention. then I proposed to stay over at his place. honestly I was thinking about ONS but he insisted he would stay on couch, and he did. the next morning he sat on bed and held my hands and woke me up. I am sure he noticed that I was naked but he neither said nor did anything naughty or flirty. I could have screwed everything up, rite?

Then he asked if I am free anytime he would like to catch up and spend more time with me. On the sec. date everything went just like the first one. But when I left his place that night, he initiated a kiss in the lift and left me shocked. then he apologized the next day for the kiss, as he thought I was freaked out and he also asked to meet again, where he held my hand all of a sudden on the street But I didn't take his hand back.

When he lowered himself and tied my shoe laces on the street. I decided to give it a shot.

I somehow think its easier for a guy to buy a bunch of flowers than to tie his gfs shoe laces just on the crowded street.

we started dating. kissing and so. I confess that I was just bad, and bitchy.I stayed at his place and appeared just so easy. But he never took advantage of that. at times I got him so high but as I shook my head, he just took a deep breath and cuddled me gently to calm down.and yeah, finally after a month or more we made love. I was afraid that our relationship would be just sexual.But it turns out that some of our dates are not necessarily sexual like he would read a book to me or so, or its more he pleasing me instead of kinda requesting me do the same to him.

he showed my pic to his friend and even asked me to visit a friend with him this week.

but we don't meet often, just once during the week and spending weekends together. And he never calls me, we text each other everyday, but not that "much", and he never sweet talks to me either.

does it sound he truthfully likes me and even more that he want to take things slow? am I a lousy lover?

Hope you guys can tell me how you think.


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  • Honestly I don't think you have anything to worry about. Look at the signs:

    1. He didn't attempt to sleep with you on the first night

    2. He's waited a month to sleep with you and when you weren't giving in, he cuddled with you

    3. He's read you a book

    4. He's tied your shoes

    5. He asked you to go with him to visit a friend

    I think all those things lead to the conclusion that he generally likes you and seems like a romantic and good guy to me :) If some guy was just after you physically, you could pretty much could remove most of those items above if not all.

    And no I don't think you're a lousy lover - I think he just just generally likes to take things slow because he really likes you for you. I would do the same thing he's doing :)

    Don't worry about it - I think you're heading in the right direction.


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  • He sounds like a great guy. Just go with it.

    • Thx

      I think I am in love with him... the was so afraid that he might be just a smooth player or something.

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  • mabie He's just taking it slow relax don't try so hard have fun and don't be mean