Do this makes any sense having small calves and big thighs makes you look thick?

Ok a guy told me sense my legs are actually bigger than buffie the body and I a have booty as well, he said in order to consider myself thick,I must have small calves like buffie the body. Now I have never heard of that before. I thought thick means that you have big legs period but that was weird on what he was telling me. So do you guys think that makes any sense to you guys?

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Actually the calves not thicker than the thighs, but balanced off with them, because I have big thighs and nice size decent calves. But he told me sense my legs are not stick thin and I have to have really small calves, in order to be considered thick. In which didn't make no sense to me at all, as well.


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  • Buffie the body's body isn't even real...she has butt shots.

    But anyway, I never heard that before as well.

    I thought thick means that you weigh over the ideal weight for your height.

    It isn't considered fat because the thickness actually looks good.

    Thick legs, thick butt, , maybe even thick arms, (small pudge or flat stomach).

    • Girl, Yeah, some men don't think, some women can be actually thicker than buffie the body, because I was showing him that an older lady called me small at the bottom, when I have thick legs and butt. So I used the example of buffie the body in the pictures of my legs, at first he said buffie is a big girl and that photos was not relevant, than I told him my measurements how they were similar, but I would look thicker; because I am shorter and she is taller. Then he said that measurements alone a

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    • LOL True!

    • Hey but you know what, I thought about who cares when you ask me lol, them women sure do care every time they ask me what size? They must care a lot lol.

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