Are these some good tattoo ideas?

I'm thinking about getting a couple of tattoos and was wondering if these are good. The first tattoo I wanted to get is the greek coat of arms. The reason why I want to get this tattoo is because my mom liked greek culture and mythology. She even named me after Jason (from Jason and the Argonauts) and my middle name is Alexander (from Alexander the Great). Its also kind of weird because I was born the same day Alexander died, but anyway the next tattoo I wanted to get was getting the word "Conqueror" in greek letters. This referring to Alexander the Great who preety much conquered the world in his time. And my last one is Pharoah since he was once the Pharoah of Egypt as well. So are these some good tattoos? Honestly.


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  • Get something that matters to YOU if you're set on getting inked.


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  • They're cool ideas. Personally I would only get those tattoos if I actually had any Greek blood in me.


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