Ladies: do you lather, rinse AND repeat?

I've started doing it lately and I think it keeps my hair cleaner longer. To be honest, I don't wash my hair very often and I just use dry shampoos ( lies! I'm ghetto , its baby powder ), and I can't tell if my hair is actually cleaner or I'm just seeign what I wanna see.

So, do you think it works or its just the shampoo people getting us to buy more shampoo?
  • Yup! I wash my hair twice.
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  • lol I don't really believe that stuff. remember that someone may pile shampoo into their hair the first time and scrub it in super well. this is what I do:

    i shower everyday, but I wash my hair once every 2 days.

    i use shampoo once a week, because apparently using it too much isn't that great for the hair. so every other time I use conditioner only. I apply the conditioner, and while its soaking into my scalp I wash my body. then when I'm done I rinse it out.

    what you do out of the shower for your hair is important too. combing it with a wide toothed comb is fantastic for hair follicle stimulation. I also use a variety of oils such as almond, argan or moroccan oil to treat the hair. its also great if your trying to grow it out and get that natural shine=] hope that helps.

    • that interesting, ill try with the conditioner method. I do comb it out in the shower and use Moroccan oil and occasionally caster oil which is also supposed stimulate growth as well. thank you!

    • thats awesome=] your doing the right things then. no problem=]

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  • You don't need to repeat unless your hair is really dirty. The "repeat" was the idea of a marketing guy many years ago, and nearly doubled the sales of shampoo.


What Girls Said 6

  • -I shampoo all of my hair.

    -I rinse it.

    -I shampoo ONLY my scalp.

    -I rinse it again.

    -I use conditioner on my ends.

    -I wait for 3-6 minutes and then I rinse.

    I think it keeps my hair cleaner longer too. I've tried the no-repeat method and my hair got oily very fast.

  • I follow JustBanANNAz's routine. I will shampoo twice if my hair is really dirty or gross, otherwise I just condition it after. Sometimes if my hair gets dirty through the week I will co-wash it (with conditioner) rinse, and then condition again and leave about 10% of the conditioner in the 2nd time (you only have to buy 1/2 as much leave-in conditioner if you leave conditioner in when you rinse)

  • When they say "repeat" I take that to mean, wash our hair again the next time it needs to be washed lol. I don't need to wash my hair twice, it will just dry it out. I just spend more time massaging the shampoo in my hair before I rinse for a deeper clean

  • I thought lather rinse repeat is the only way one is going to get clean hair? I definently have to because my hair is too think and oily not to or it'll stink. I probably wash like four-five times, two comb outs and a deep condition.

    • i have a water spray bottle to add texture/ watever and I used an old body spray so it has just a touch of sent without drying from just spraying perfume. I recommend it

    • I can't just put spray in my hair, it'll tack up and my scalp will hurt. If I don't wash my hair the dirt will build and then I'll still get a headache. Thanks for the advice but Ima still stick to scrubbing lol.

  • Yes every time I bathe I do that too.

  • Idk, I have really dry, kinky, curly hair. So unless its a cleansing conditioner, I definitely won't repeat a wash. I usually don't even use shampoo. I get all hippie and shit and use apple cider vinegar first then clay hair wash. Shampoo, even the sulfate free ones, just dried my hair out and made me get lots of tangles. I have one gentle shampoo that is tolerable but even that one gives me some tangles.

    Id say it seems like a marketing technique. Unless you have a shit ton of gunk on your hair, or extremely oily hair, I don't see a purpose for that. Perhaps if you swim a lot and have oily hair, you want to make sure the chlorine is out. But I'm no professional :)


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