What's the difference between Emo, Scene, Punk, and Goth?

How I see it:

Punks- Rebels/Nonconformists

Goth - Punks who wear black and act like everyday's Halloween

Emo - Depressed Goths

Scene - Emos who take prozac

Am I right or wrong? Please help.


Most Helpful Guy

  • golf people dressed in all black and gray and dark colors and are obsessed with death and gloom and just like the style of that I guess, golf people who are not seriously messed up I believe are called posers, being girls are nerdy high school girls who are obsessed with TV shows like adventure time and listen to that 80s crunkcore disco crap which is kind of good sometimes and they chop their hair out and dye it certain colors and say like oh my gosh like oh my gosh like over and over and over. The girls are more colorful golf girls who died her hair colors in the black parts like stripes and dress more lightly, punks are people with Mohawks who listen to punk rock music and bang their heads up and down at punk rock concerts.


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  • There isn't much difference really, the 'difference' is often to do with music as opposed to much else with the exception of perhaps scene, since 'scene' people are basically attention seekers and what you would call popular emo's.

  • All who embrace these deviant behaviors are socially deformed and will come to no good end.


What Girls Said 2

  • HAHAHAHA WRONG... They're all types off music... Punks listen to more up beat rebellious music,goths listen to like a metal sub- genre called gothic metal...emos listen to emotional hard core which is closer to punk rock than goth but can still be classified as metal... scene is more like electric music (the only example I can think of is Blood On The Dance Floor)...

    as for style... gothic is more black skirts, corsets, long black hair... Punk is spiked hair, band tees, skinny jeans spikes... Emo is band tee shirts, black skinny jeans, studded belts, converse, swoopy hair... scene is like bright colors, hello kitty, stuff like that...

  • Punk started over in England I think. It has roots back there it was a music scene.

    Goth is of course a range of stuff from Anne Rice fanatics to fashionistas, did not start with a music scene but now has zoned out it's own "music"

    Emo is more like just moody teenagers who want to put some streaks in their hair, are not really in the punk scene which is hardcore. Not really into the Goth scene fully. There is also some music that goes along with Emo. I wouldn't jump to the conclusion that they are legitimately diagnosable with a mental illness such as depression.

    Scene I have no idea, I am too old to even know what this is. I guess it's probably rave-goers. They draw a little bit more from the Lolitas I bet. Kind of also looks like they are drawing from the 1980's rock and roll groups.

    Emo and Scene are really a mish-mash trends

    Goth and Punk are all over the world and involve literature music etc.


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