What do guys like girls wearing?

What is your favourite thing that girls wear? Is it dresses, skirts, shorts? Which sort of shoes do guys like seeing on girls? Do you prefer heels or flats?


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  • bikini, but it doesn't really matter if the girl has an attractive body.


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  • Something that is casual yet stylish, something that does not look skimpy or barely revealing. Something that fits snugly but doesn't accentuate the curves and leaves things to imagination. Long sleeved is cool too.

    Jeans or cargo pants, with sneakers.

    Things I hate: flip flops, tube tops, anything that bares the midriff, thighs, the shoulders or the back. I have a thing for layered clothing.

  • I like it when girls dress really casually as opposed to dressing up. A t-shirt, shorts or jeans, and flip-flops is by far my favorite clothing combination on girls.


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