Something new how long does it take for the excitement to wear off?

When you buy something new. How long does it take for the pleasure of having the new thing to wear off.


What did you think you must have?

I bought a new black purse 2-3 months ago or so. I still like it but am kind of bored with it and want another even though I don't really need another one. Having said that. I do use the same purse everyday it is the only one I own.


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  • it's what you prefer I too have the same situation. if I have money I get a new one every 3-4 months bad habit but it's OK and if you got bored with it that's fine just get another and swap back and fourth like say you have a red one where it one week and then the black the next

    • Giving you best answer since it is the only answer that was provided. Thank you Liz

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