Which one would you stay with?

there are 2 guys.

If you're a guy, you can still vote, it doesn't mean you're gay, just which one would you say seems a better choice.

Guy #1. He's very muscular and could possibly say perfect body and tan. He doesn't have a super model face, and you were not attracted to him at first sight, other than lust for his gorgeous body. Over time you start to have feelings for him and he makes you feel secure and loved. The passion and sexual tension between the two of you is very high, and when you spend time with him the feelings he provokes in you are unexplainably all over stimulating and comforting, like sense of peace and you feel loved and comforted from the inside.

Guy #2. You're very attracted to, and have strong feelings for him. He doesn't have the super male muscular body but he's tall and in decent shape and has facial features of a model. He's gorgeous and fun, and you feel comfortable with him, and the feeling feels reciprocated. He seems perfect, the guy you've dreamed to be with. has the lovable perfect personality and a face that you can stare at forever and be in love with. The perfect guy to show off to your family. He likes you too but the strong desire and passion are not there.

It's not right or fair to be with both, which would you choose?
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why can't they transform into one person. :(
If you vote, please say why. I'm extremely confused and need advice as to why one over the other from an outside perspective.
interesting poll

most guys voted Guy #1

most girls voted Guy #2

i wonder why


Most Helpful Girl

  • They're like the same person with such small differences that I don't see why it matters which you pick.

    I'd go with #2 I guess...though to be honest they sound EXACTLY the same except one has a model body and the other has a model face. That strong desire you have with Guy one has a strong potential to go away in like 6 months because it sounds like you have a bad case of infatuation.


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What Guys Said 2

  • If the desire and passion aren't there than it makes it a lot harder to build a relationship. Go for number 1.

  • You should be with them both. Why not? You've been doing it up till now.

    • you don't know how bad it feels being with one person, knowing that someone else is waiting for you, and the same when your with the other person. though I wasn't with both at the same time. I can't be alone, so when I have problems with one & split, I run to the other one, but I know the other one is still waiting on me, then when I have problems with the one I ran to, I go to the other one, & I know he'll wait for me too. I just can't go on like this. they don't know eachother or that I do this.

What Girls Said 2

  • i'd say 2 = if he's fun and I'm comfortable with him that's what matters and if he has a lovable personality that's great

  • I go more for the face and personality than the body, as long as its decent.


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