Is it better to buzz?

Hey everyone, basically my receeding hairline was plainly visible so after being sick of how it made me feel and also worried that I was going to become combover guy, I've had it shaved to a number 2.

I'm completely in shock to be honest because I look completely different. Aggresive is the best word to use as I do work out quite a bit and I have quite strong jaw and facial features. I honestly don't know whether I look good or bad the only relief I have is that my receeding hairline is no longer visible. I just want to know from guys that have been through this, if this affected your dating life? And from girls if a guy has a hairline that running for the hills do you prefer it it if they shave it short or have it longer?


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  • I've had this issue in 2 relationships. buzzing down to a 2 is definitely the best , honest, mature option.. Don't worry. You will grow into your new look


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  • my hair is receeding. it was a shock to me too...welcome to the brotherhood.

    It didn't really seem to affect my dating life. I think I was more conscious of it than anything

    I do think that cutting it short is really the best move if your hairline is noticeable receeding or thing

  • looks best with a close buzz...reference Jason Statham :)

    • Ha thanks, y'know that's funny he's what made me decide to do it! I just need to copy his body now and not just his hairline!

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    • I don't think you're too old. Skinny jeans on men is tough for me, I've seen very few men that can effectively pull it off, but when they do, it's really nice...if you feel comfortable, and so far no small children have gone running from you in fear I say wear what makes you feel good. I think women have more age limited clothing than men.. Like when you hit 30 your skirt should be longer than your vagina...ya know common sense stuff.

    • Haha it sounds like common sense but not a lot of girls adhere to that rule! Not the ones I see out anyway! Ha thanks oh no I steer clear of skinny jeans just slim ones for me cause I'm a slim fella and normal jeans make me look like a rapper from the 90s! I love that you think small children are scared of men in skinny jeans!

  • Yah keep it short


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