Does anyone know where this belly ring is from?

A friend got me 2 belly rings for Christmas I found the one on a few websites it's surgical steel but I can't find the other anywhere. I don't want to offend her and ask her where she got it from and I know it's new but she put them in a silver box. I put the ring as one of my pics if anyone has any idea where it's from or if it's surgical steel/implant grade titanium or not please help me out here. It's really cute but I don't want my body to reject it or anything.
It says "diva" ***


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  • I think there is absolutely nothing wrong with you saying to her "I love my belly rings you gave me, do you happen to know what they are made of? Sometimes I get irritated by certain metals. ". Then she'll either tell you, or if she's unsure, she might tell you where she got them"

  • That belly ring is mine! It fell out of my belly in August at the gym, and I looked for it everywhere. C'mon, it's mine, cough it up!


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