Ladies, question about some drugstore foundations?

Okay so I have pretty oily skin (sometimes it is combination like it can be dry and oily) but for the most part it is just oily. I have been using the FIT by Maybelline for a few years now and I love it but it's always made me super oily after a little bit and it comes off pretty fast on my skin so I've come to the conclusion this foundation isn't the one for me. I've been doing some research and a lot have been saying the Revlon Color stay for combination/oily skin works great but does it last all day and does it work good? It's $10 at my local drugstore and that's a little expensive for me but if it's worth it then I will do it. I am going to be traveling for spring break and over the summer so I want to make sure my makeup lasts and looks great so any advice would be great!

I also wanted to ask about the 3in1 Covergirl Outlast Stay Foundation and if that worked well on oily skin and lasted long etc. If you have any other suggestions too please let me know! It has to be all drugstore stuff because I have a low budget and I don't have any Sephoras or Ultas by me anyways.


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  • The Revlon Colorstay has worked on me for years. I don't turn into a greaseball when I wear it

    A few years back the formula was a bit more difficult to work with. Like it was difficult to blend and difficult to wash off even with face remover but I'm pretty sure they changed it cause it's a bit easier.

    Works on me. Plus I like the color range.

    The Covergirl 3in1 worked on me during the summer. I really like the coverage and I actually sometimes use it as a concealer around my cheeks and corners of my nose. But the formula changes really quickly (common complaint) and now it turns me into a greaseball (during the winter)


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  • ive bought them all... I'm 24 and I still have random acne.

    i sucked it up and bought bare essentials powder and I put that on my face after I put on my burts bees acne medication moisturizer.

    stay away from that drug store stuff. its got paraben in it. its no good for your skin it also makes lines in your face quicker and makes you look older then you are.

  • I love L'Oreal True Match (nice non-oily finish) and Revlon Mineral Powder (freaking fantastic coverage and finish).

    Revlon Color Stay doesn't have my colour, but my best mate uses it and it's AMAZING how well it stays on.

  • Try Rimmel's Matte Finish foundation. I don't know how much it is but it will do the trick.


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