Girls: Is there a short guy you would have definitely dated if he was taller?

Sometimes I think maybe there could be just even one girl who would go on a date with me, if only I were taller. I am a mere 5'4'' and I feel as if this is what is stopping me from meeting a potential girlfriend. I've been told I am cute/hot/handsome/attractive/good looking, even on GAG girls have told me this. Yet I have never had a girl who been genuinely interested in me. I've been told I have a nice personality but I still haven't met a girl who actually likes me. I've asked girls out before but I've been rejected every time. I'm 24 (25 next week) and have no experience.


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  • You're still young... which means the chances of you dating in your age range (or even younger) is very high.. I don't think young girls really know what they want.. Your height can't define you if you don't let it. Learn to love every part of yourself and I guarantee you someone else will. And just remember.. you're young.. The man I'm dating now is 40 years old. He's never been married and only had 2 girlfriends in his whole life. And he's 6'4... so honestly, dating troubles are just that.. it has nothing to do with what you actually look like.. but I guess that's my opinion.

    • Thanks for the advice. You're beautiful by the way. Your boyfriend's a lucky guy.

    • aww thanks.. :-)

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  • Im married to a man a bit shorter than me, not a lot shorter though, almost the same hight. I hate high heel shoes any way! It might put a girl off at first but if you have the personality and looks appart from your length you still have a good shot

  • If he's short but cute I wouldn't care. As long as he's not too short. I'm 5"5.


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