Any advice to prepare for bleaching my hair?

So I already have bleach highlights (my natural hair is a light brown/mousy dirty blonde mix) and there are so many highlights that I decided to just do a full bleach instead because it's cheaper and the highlights are too stripey/it's getting ugly.

is there anything I should do to prepare my hair or what not?

i've heard people say things about not washing hair for 24 hours prior, using certain oils, etc? any advice?

is it OK to go with greasy dirty hair after the gym? or should I just not wash it?

has anyone had bleach blonde hair before? what were your experiences?


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  • i have platinum blonde hair, I bleach the roots every 3 months to prevent overlapping and I started out with dyed brown hair (natural is dark/dirty blonde), it depends what shade of blonde you're after - if you want it light blonde then do full 30 vol bleaches and then tone it using purple shampoo and purple toner (

    - if you want it a golden blonde put a box dye on it starting with the lengths first then the roots last (otherwise you'll end up with mega bright roots and darker lengths as scalp heat bleaches the hair faster)

    buy some coconut oil from your local food store and leave it soaked into your hair overnight and apply the bleach/dye with it still on, it protects the loss of protein from the hair while its being bleached and lessens the damage, only do a full bleach or box dye once a month to give your hair a rest and prevent splits or damage which would need to be cut off. you can have greasy hair, that's a good thing you need as much grease/dirt/oil as possible to protect the scalp during bleaching. if you call ahead salons will let you in with the coconut oil on and will bleach it for you with the oil still in.

    buy a keratin reconstructor to put the protein and keratins back into your hair after the bleach, this keeps the hair strong and prevents it going gummy when wet and frizzy and brittle when dry (k pak reconstructor and aphogee reconstructor are good ones you can get online), then follow it with a deep conditioner left on your head for half an hour to get it moisturised and prevent your hair being like dry straw.

    look at in the bleaching section for more specific help, its what I used when I decided to bleach as all the YouTube videos wanted to pile on 4 bleaches in a row and they stopped me frying my hair

  • Greasier the hair = Less damage but it won't bleach the hair as much.

    Cleaner hair= More damaged hair but better result.

    Your hair isn't gonna come out all one color, since you have highlights, but I personally think it makes the blonde look more natural when its not all the exact same. I DEFINITELY recommend bettering your hair routine once you bleach your hair, since it will get very damaged regardless. Leave in conditioner is a really good thing to start with.

    • i know it won't be exactly the same, but I think with bleach they can get it pretty similar? my highlights are like a shade darker than platinum and others are just light blonde. it doesn't need to be perfectly uniform as long as it's close.

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