What bright color would suit me best?


Help me out... Been through a lot and a good therapy is to change your look drastically. there's a pic of me in the dp, I've had darkest brown for 2 years. Now I need a change.

I'm thinking bright blue, red or purple. Even a mix of two tones.

What do you think? I'm mainly asking so I don't waste all my money and hair by guessing by myself!

Cheers! :*

Ps. My style is a little retro inspired. Love the alternative look, but a little more elegant.


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  • I think bright red would look nice :) Though red color requires a bit more upkeep since it fades super fast. So if you're using a semi permanent, washing your hair with cold water, staying away from hair products with alcohol, using shampoo and conditioner specifically for color treated hair, and adding a bit of the hair color to you conditioner (so it "refreshes" the color when you use it), it should last a while.

    Blue and purple dyes last longer, though blue lasts the longest. If you go with blue or purple, Start with a dark color because it will automatically fade a bit the first wash but as they fade more they still look nice. Especially purple. It turns to a lovely lavender color.

    Just a little warning, these hair colors rub off on EVERYTHING. Definitely don't wear and of your favorite shirts for the first few days because the hair color will rub off. It will get on your pillow case too.

    And also, if you want the red, blue, or purple to be vibrant, you'll need to bleach your hair. Other wise putting the dye over your natural brown hair will just give it a tint. Though Vampire red by Manic Panic works SOOO well on natural dark hair so if you don't want to bleach it, go with that. If you do go with bleaching, if you've never bleached your hair on your own, I'd recommend going to a professional. If you plan on doing it yourself, go with 30 vol. bleach and watch it closely. It doesn't take long for the color to lift. You'll need to get a toner as well to get rid of any brassy colors after the bleaching.


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  • Why hello there! :3

    Haven't posted here in a while! But I actually love this question...Very attractively structured, youthful face, asking for drastically vibrant hair advice?!? The metro side of me cannot resist! :D

    A lot of guys and girls will say that you look fantastic in the profile picture. It's true. You do. However I respect that you want drastic change, so will give you my honest opinion. Please do not take offence from what I write; I don't mean to insult you in any way shape or form. You are stunning - but everyone has their own unique perspective.

    To be concise: Bright red hair with coloured tips.

    Personally, I don't believe many women can pull of blue hair without an insanely pale face. Yes, you are slightly pale, but not to the extent that the blue will contrast sharply enough. I've never seen a woman with purple hair who I've just stopped, stared at and admired. Purple doesn't impress me enough and I don't think it's the choice for you either.

    Red however... Red is my type. Wild, fun, outgoing, unique, sexy, confident. What else could you ask for? The popularity of red hair has soared, yet you need something to make you stick even more out of the crowd. Dyed tips. Preferably I'd edge towards blue or black, but experiment!

    Whatever you chose, please upload a picture?

    I'd love to see!



  • I think bright blue or dark red would look the best on you.

  • Dark purple hair or just leave it as it is darling


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  • you want to dye your hair purple or red or blue ?! Whyyy ;( But, I understand you want a change...so I would do dark copper/redish. It would be a good change I think.

    p.s you look gorgeous btw:)

  • Dark purple


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