Do you get nervous before making a hair color change?

I have a lot of blonde highlights so my hair is pretty blonde already, but I am going to all over blonde. I've wanted to to it for a long time and I know I have the right coloring.

But all over blonde is trickier and bolder than highlights, and I've never had it before. I am so scared even though I've wanted to do this for over 6 months. I am scared that it will turn too white, or alternatively too has to be the right shade of light blonde but not silver or platinum.

I have a good hair dresser but I am still a bit nervous! I tend to get scared before making an adjustment or trying something big and new though.

Is it normal to get nervous or a little scared before making a big hair change?


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  • Lol yes it's normal to be nervous, especially with the blond color. It can be a tricky color . I've had hair bleached blonde at the ends. Some it came out green :/ But don't worry, its not like it can't be corrected and like you said, you have a good hair dresser. As long as she knows what she's doing and has has experience with doing colors right, I wouldn't worry about it. Plus you being nervous about it's going to look it, is okay too. It'll just be something to get use to, since you've never been blond all over.

    • Well right now my hair looks bleached blonde except there is a lot of root with blonde stripes in it so I think it would look better if it all matched

    • Oh I just realized this was posted yesterday. Yeah, I think so . Are the roots really noticeable and what did the hair dresser say about it?

    • The roots are pretty obvious because the blonde is so thin up top. My hair dresser said she will take out the dark strands in my length, bleach them separately (she doesn't want to bleach the highlights again) and then bleach my roots and that next time and whenever I need touch ups she will only have to bleach the root. I guess this means she can match it? My natural is a light brown or on some charts a dirty blonde.

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  • if you have a good hair dresser, you shouldn't be nervous, these people go to "school" for these things, so they are talented in hair styling and design, good luck


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  • That's normal. You're nervous and scared because you don't want to make a big change and then it turns out looking bad or unflattering. I would recommend trying on a wig of the same color you want to dye, just to make sure it looks good on you before you do it.

    • i tried on platinum wigs and it suits me but I don't want it THAT bright or light, I want it the light shade of blonde before platinum if that make sense. like baby blonde. and the blonde highlights look good, and it's at the point where my highlights look like blonde dye with roots, because there are just so many.

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