If a girl feels like a guy is significantly more attractive than her, will she avoid dating him?

This is in terms of looks.

If a girl meets a guy and she feels like his looks are better than hers, will she be reluctant to date him and feel like he will just drop her for a better looking girl?


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  • i am in this situation now. I am dating a guy who is really attractive and knows it. he has a huge female fan club lets just say. it is really hard on me because I just can't feel secure when there are just girls basically throwing themselves at him. no matter how many times he reassures me it doesn't help. I have been in long term relationships before and that initial infatuation a guy has for you wears off and you have more space apart and if in those hard times he has a lot of girls there, I just don't think I would be able to cope. I am not unattractive. I would say I'm a little above average but that is it. I think he went for me mainly for my personality. I am cute looking but not HOT like him. so yes I am actually thinking of not going out with him anymore simply because I cannot take the stress. I would prefer someone less attractive to be honest.. sounds weird but that's just how I feel..

    • Well does he turn down their advances and such? What gives you the impression he would go with another girl?

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    • what sorts of things does she say to you that makes you think she will not want to date you for these reasons?

    • Not seeing anyone. Just overheard some cocky guy in a locker claim that girls can't stand it if a guy looks better than them.

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  • if one is to make such an absolute conclusion that he'll leave for the next best thing, based only by his looks, then we can safely say that person has low self esteem. That she doesn't have much worth and or deserving of potentially great things. In my case, though I have my days, I would say because of my pretty decent esteem, I wouldn't be reluctant to date him just based on how good looking he is. I would be more inclined to pass if I didn't like his character.

    • What if the guy was approached by women regularly? Would it get to you after a while?

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    • Interested. This way I don't confuse men that approach with me with mix signals and all-in-all save time for both parites and drama. IN a relationship, I make it a point to not reach out to other men< even if their just work friends. I just give them the usual courtesy hello and how are you. This way the man of my interest can differentiate where I stand. Its more easier this way. Why do you ask?

    • I was asking around a while back and girls seem to say that they tend to date equal to their physical attractiveness because they would feel insecure dating a guy who was more attractive than them. I don't have girls approaching me like a hot shot but I would think if one did that the girl would know me well enough to know that I am not like that.

  • Probabaly she would if she's insecure


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