What size pants should I buy?

I want to buy a pair of jogging pants but I'm not really sure what size to get. I'm size 34 and I have to choose between sizes S (32-34) or M (34-36).

Which one do you think it would be best?

P.S. I can't try them on at a store because I live in a small town and can't find them anywhere.


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  • You can often returns product from online stores if they don't fit. Try M, S is really often too small for a guy. Unless you're small or you're skinny

    • I'm 6'1 and 186lbs so I'm anything but skinny. Usually I either get M or L depending on brand, now it's the first time I'm seeing size 34 being an S (the joggers are from rdx and they're called "fight me" if you want to google it)so I'm worrying that when I drop the last 10 pounds I'll look like mc hammer if I get an M.

      And I can't return them if they don't fit well. I'm getting it from an international seller on ebay (I'm not American)

    • You're tall, my boyfriend is 6ft2 and can't wear S even if he's slim. Take a M or it will be too short for you, S is really small

    • hmm.. haven't thought about the length. Yeah, I'll get the M now and if they'll be too large when I lose these last 10 pounds I'll just buy some other pair from a brand with better sizing.


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  • well depending on if you want to get bigger or smaller, get M or S respectively.

    M gives room for muscle growth, S room for shrinking lol.

    id say M tho, I reckon it'd b more comfortable.

  • My boyfriend is tiny and is usually a 30 waist and usually has to buy mediums so I'd suggest you go for mediums and you can always return it even through online

    • Also warning about those pants they wear pretty easy. Also when buying clothes online check the reviews for sizing it helps. People always let you know if they fit big or small

  • 34-36 otherwise the jogging pants will be stretched to their fullest and will be uncomfortable

  • I'd say M - that way you have room to grow into them

    • hehe, don't plan on getting fat again. I used to be fat and I don't plan on gaining weight again.

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    • thanx

    • No problem need anything just message me

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  • Jogging pants? Get the smaller size, anit will encourage you to drop a few pounds.

  • Are you a size 34, or is you're actual measurement 34"? No one is a "size X" because sizes vary between brands. Take your waist measurement and judge it on that.

    If they're jeans, maybe bigger, because you can shrink them a tiny bit with a washer/dryer. And if they're stretchy materiel, get them smaller.


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