Which girls' outfit is the most attractive?

Please do NOT judge the ladies but the looks based on what they wear! We have respect for them :-)

Lady A link

Lady B link

Lady C link

Lady D link

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  • Lady A
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  • Lady B
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  • Lady C
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  • Lady D
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Most Helpful Girl

  • A & B. The other ones aren't outfits, lol. I think B is my favorite.

    • Haha, that makes you my favourite :-)

      I posted you a friendship request... feel free to accept if you like!

    • Lol thank you for best answer.

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  • The first oufit looks pretty but it doesn't even fit the woman who is modelling the clothes so the odds it would fit a normal person are even less. There are wrinkles all over her outfit because it doesn't fit properly. The second outfit fits the model perfectly. The third outfit looks kind of cheap and the last outfit looks like it's meant to be sexy but doesn't flatter the figure in anyway.

    • I looked at picture A again since most most people find it the best look. Don't you think the wrinkles are caused by the fact she's twisting her shoulders and upper body to face the camera?

  • Attractive or sexy?

    I'd wear A. It's the most attractive. B is border line, C & D are lingerie not really outfits.

    • Well, it was a bit of an experiment, I deliberately took 2 more "extremely sexy" looks and 2 slightly more conservative. And also, 2 with pantyhose/stockings and 2 without.

      Until now, lady A wins the contest!

    • Ah okay.

  • Some of Those don't really count as outfits.

    • I admit... I exaggeraged a bit, on purpose. Until now lady A is the winner!

  • I vote for Lady A

  • I picked Lady A, because it's a very pretty outfit. I would definitely wear it.

    Lady B,C, and D: looks like that something someone would wear in a p*rno/s

    • Haha, did you notice that the 2 guys who voted, preferred B and D?

      Oh dear, our reputation is doomed :-)

    • I know, I'll live somehow, lol! My boyfriend likes lady A and D. Meaning he likes a lady on the streets and a freak in the sheets . :D lol

    • Haha, you know what to wear tonight :-)

  • You can't actually compare one to the other... A and B are outfits, C and D are only wearing lingerie... Not good choices there.


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