Need help coming up with tattoo ideas?

I want it to be unique, and meaningful. But I want it to be small, and easy to hide. I was thinking I'd have it written on the back of my neck, so my hair can easily cover it. I originally was going to put my grandmothers death date there in roman numerals, but we've had so many deaths in the family lately, I decided I'd put my family name there instead. I'm not giving out the name, but it's kind of elegant, so it would make sense to have it there in cursive. But everyone does stuff in cursive, which is why I originally was going to do roman numerals. Any suggestions?

Also, any ideas of other tattoos? A friend and I are also getting a tiny little cross on the corner of our wrist to match :)


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  • A tattoo can and will change your life for the worst. If you are arrested and a tattoo is mentioned your criminal record can stop you from entering some of the wealthiest countries. If there is a 50/50 chance you are guilty before a judge the benefit of doubt goes to the tattoo which will speak for you. If you are looking to find a real man your chances have now been cut in half.


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  • I think cursive would look nice but why would you get a tattoo if you're just going to hide it? Why not show it off?

    • Well I mean I have a very professional job, and I don't think it would look nice if I had a big tattoo

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  • I've gotten a few tattoos and one of them has words, the conversation that came up during that was something as follows-

    Words/lettering tend to fade, get distorted or such faster than pictures so be careful because it's a lot more maintenance.

    It's cliche but true what they say about pictures- they do mean a lot more.

    Yes your family name is a big deal but I think you can do better. You can find a better way to show you love and devotion to your family- or your grandmother. What was an image that she loved? What was something that the two of you shared? You can do better than just the family name.

    And a cross is cute but, again, it's so overdone. Think of something that brings you two together, what's something really important and special just between the two of you. Just that you two share. Cross? Really? Religion is how you want to be bonded together? Surely there's something more meaningful and personal between the pair of ya'll than that.

    • Well this tattoo isn't for my grandmother. It was going to be for her because she died, but right after she died 2 other family members. Instead of getting 3 tattoos for each of my close family members, I decided to get the family name. And my grandmother and I were actually very religious matter of fact. The cross tattoo doesn't have any special meaning. My mom, a friend and I were just going to get simple tattoos that match.

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    • a "meh" thing engraved onto your body for all eternity.

      The last name is cute, but I'm sure there's some image that reminds you of family, be it something that bonds you together, something that reminds you of a story, or just an image that reminds you of them. That has a lot more meaning than a last name. Getting your own last name as a tattoo leads to the jokes of- what you forget your name often? or, because it's on the back of your neck, various sexual things. I've seen it before.

      I'm not-

    • insulting you, I'm just trying to help you be as happy as possible with the tattoos your getting and have the most special and unique tattoos you can.

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