I think my hairdresser is lying lol wut. This happen to you?

I have dark brown hair and have dyed it black before. So I have to wait for the black to grow out in order to get the copper I want. Appearently I can't dye nothing on black. I can use bleach=but destroy the hair.

SO .. the guy said if I do grow out the black the COPPER colour would work on my natural hair WITHOUT bleach.

And this is the part that I don't get you see..

How the hell.. can my hair go lighter without bleach?

Is this true ?:i


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  • My mom was a hair dresser for 18yrs and would tell you the same thing. You don't want to bleach it, that will destroy your hair.


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  • he's a hairdresser for one and yeah he is right. My cousin returned from a holiday and her hair are lighter than before

  • For some reason, black dye REALLY likes to show through any light color. So you can dye it another color without bleach but the black will probably start to show through in certain spots after a few weeks.


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