I want the honest truth. Is a physical attraction as important as an emotional one?

It is so annoying to hear people say that they don't care what their Boyfriend or Girlfriend look like. I mean an emotional connection is important but I can be a little shallow and need something nice too look at. What do y'all think?


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  • They both carry 50% 50%. And about your comment to the best answer, it's not about being shallow. Caring about what your partner looks like is not shallow. Looks are still about compatibility. If you want to look at your partner's face and you find his or her face hideous, then you two will not have many pleasant conversations.

    Looks are as important when it comes to compatibility as personality. You want to be physically attracted to your partner or else you won't want to touch him or her. You don't want to be repulsed by your partner. That is not shallow.


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  • Physical looks do matter. I don't care who says what. Men and women care what their partners look like, especially at first. Over time looks may matter less, but don't let anyone fool you...looks are VERY IMPORTANT. How you take care of yourself is also huge, I would never date someone who didn't take care of their body.

    • I knew it! I can still remain a little shallow. Thanks!

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  • I think you need to have an emotional connection, and there must be a physical attraction as well. But a physical attraction doesn't neccessarily mean that the person has to be drop dead gorgeous. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Someone can think a person is hot and another person could think that same person is ugly. It's okay to be shallow as long as there is an emotional connection as well. You see couples that you may not think are pretty or hot or whatever, but the couple probably think that the person they are with is pretty or hot. I was with a guy that I didn't think was drop dead gorgeous but his personality made him hot to me.