A 5'3" girl or a 5"9?

I know it may sound stupid but:

I hang out with college buddies and I massively crush on this guy (who must be approximately a 6'2-3" dude) and we talk fine and all but there is this mutual friend that come hang out with us quite often who obviously crush on the same guy but everytime she interrupts us I back off because I feel so insecure. She's TALL (mainly why I'm so unsure) , pretty face, charisma so on and I feel like the source of how beautifully she carries herself is her height. I envy her, I really do. So I kind of let her talk and I just zip because I feel I can't compete with that.

My question is: in your opinion, would you choose a 5'2-3" girl or a 5'8"-9"-10" girl? (in general, not just my case)

I just want to know guys opinions.


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  • I'm 5'11''. I would prefer 5'9'' over 5'3''. But that's all other things being equal. Considering the huge number of variables, I doubt that it's really going to come down to your height versus hers. And that's just my personal preference anyway.

    There's no reason for you to back off. But at the same time you need to recognize that the competition is real. My advice: ask this guy out. That'll take this girl down a peg or two.


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  • 5'3"

    I just think it's cuter.

  • I wouldn't choose a girl based on her height, I'd choose her based on if I actually liked her or not.


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