Does hair turn yellow if the bleach wasn't left on long enough?

My stylist was bleaching my hair. I already have highlights so bleaching all my hair is a bit complicated...and I had a good 3 inches of root to lift.

I was scared my hair would turn white so she washed the bleach off at 30 minutes instead of the normal 40.

The very top of my roots did turn light blonde but the rest of the root was a slightly darker yellow blonde. We had to tone a lot.

She thinks that leaving the bleach on longer will turn all my hair the right color next time.

Is this true? I did read that if you wash bleach out too early it can still look yellow and not light enough.

My hair was in good shape after and she said the ten extra minutes won't damage it.


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  • I wanted to go platinum blond once it was bit difficult with dark brown hair that had blue green dye. But the longer you leave the bleach on the lighter the blond will be. After going a very light blond in a few months later I got my roots redone but a portion of the hair that was close to my roots got even lighter because more bleach had gotten on it. So don't worry you just need to do another treatment to the more yellow then blond part of your hair. I hope that helps :D.

    • I made the other post you just answered. Basically she didn't want to charge me extra so she didn't bleach my dark under parts that are still virgin but because my roots won't need so much dye next time she can bleach the underparts. Does that make sense? I am just so mad because my hair is not even.

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    • Thanks. Do you think it's legit that she said waiting will make it cheaper?

    • Honestly I don't think so, in my opinion I think she just got tired of working on it. Plus when you see her again your going to have to pay for the bleach and tip her after too. It will cost the same or more if your salon works like the one I go to. Unless she is going to charge you half price on the bleach because its not your whole head of hair.

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