Guys...what's your honest opinion?

I would like to know guy's honest opinions on body/shape/size.

Everyone knows the saying "every woman is beautiful, any shape or size".

I personally agree with this statement.

However there is a lot of "skinny hate" going on at the moment, all over Facebook, even in day to day conversations.

There seems to be a general concensus that any female smaller than a size 10 is "not real". And any woman who is smaller than a 10 doesn't eat, is anorexic, can't have fun, is on some strict diet, or is a slut...not sure of the common sense in that?

I am personally a size 6, just under 170 cm's tall...I'm.a victorias secret build. It's natural, I eat more than most men, I'm relaxed, know how to have fun, I have a brain, and I'm anything BUT a slut.

However I am hearing more and more about how guys do not consider slimmer girls attractive at all.

Please give me your HONEST opinions.

When you see a slim girl:

Do you find her less attractive?

Do you assume she isn't real?

do you assume she doesn't eat?

do you assume she is "easy"?

Honest opinions only please, my self esteem is okay, so I won't mind :).


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  • I don't think "every woman is beautiful".

    Not physically, not personality wise. What a load of bullshit.

    The whole skinny hating trend is bullshit too. Just because everybody is getting fatter and fatter does not mean that people who are actually healthy are "sick" or "real" (what the fuck?!).

    The whole celebration of out of shape women is a marketing strategy. Just because more and more women are out of shape they try to shift the idea of what is considered beautiful (granted, media does influence what is considered beautiful).

    I would like to point out one thing:

    Dove, who promote "real women" and "curves" belong to the Unilever group.

    Also belonging to Unilever is Axe, who have skinny models in every add.

    Actually, the women in the Dove adds are beautiful, but it is bullshit to hate on skinny women. Just because -some- women look good with a few extra pounds, it does not mean that skinny women are "freaks" or, more importantly, that big women are automatically beautiful.

    There is a limit on shapes and sizes, being too skinny or too fat is ugly.

    Overall, I like skinny women. I think skinny is more beautiful than chubby or fat.


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  • I personally have no problem with skinny girls. If your down to your bones your not skinny, your in need of help! Being so self conscious that you become anorexic is not beautiful.

    BTW not every girl is beautiful. Yes if your not good looking on the outside you may have a golden personality and the other way around but I have met girls with horrible faces, flat asses, disgusting bodies and personalities so nauseating that you realize it must be karma of some sort.

    Bottom line. Be conscious about the way you look but don't drive yourself to the ends of the earth to look like the Photoshop version of Kim Kardashian (Didn't spell check, don't care) because chances are if your 25 and you fail to a relationship lasting longer than a few months than try to see if maybe there's something wrong with "YOU"

  • I'm built the same way and eat a healthy diet of about 2,400 calories a day. I juice two pounds of broccoli, two pounds of spinach, 5 pounds of carrots and drink it over a week or two duration. All of it is organic. I also eat more fruit than anyone I've ever met. I buy the 14 pound boxes of oranges from Costco ect. I also don't eat fast food. I don't assume any of those negative things you're saying about thin people. Fat girls can act promiscuous as well and some do. People say that to try and hurt you in order to briefly feel better about themselves. And yes I tend to be most attracted to thin girls although it's not the only body that is attractive to me. My ex girlfriend was 3 inches taller than you but a size 4. I never though she was too skinny.


  • It makes you feel better, I'm not on Facebook.

    If it makes you feel even better than that, I'm the anti-thesis of the skinny hate movement. I champion the skinny-love movement. Appraising fine women and treating them better than others. Basically all the things people hate. While some may call it discrimination, I prefer to think of it as "rewarding" these individuals for their life of restraint and working so hard to be the avatars of cuteness.

    No skeletons though, that's gross.

    I love all races, but in the lead are Asians (especially 1st generation from their respective countries) because they are skinny, eating healthy diets of rice, fruits, vegetables, and fish. Its not a race issue. I like white women too, just not from a country I won't mention names that has 1/3 of its population declared as obese. Occassionally, I'll even see an ebon beauty.

    To answer your Q's in detail:

    1. I find her *very* attractive.

    2. I KNOW she is real. As if they could all afford surgery, LOL.

    3. I think she eats healthy.

    4. She is will be anything but easy. She will have a wealth of suitors, and will probably be very choosey.

    It goes deeper than just your question. I won't even buy computer games that portray women as too conventional or get good ratings for depicting women pedestrianly. I will purposefully and consciously go out of my way to support those that have thin, lavish portrayals. It is people like me who basically represent what everyone in the blogosphere is complaining about that is wrong with video games. The thing is, nobody puts a gun to people's head and forces them to play them. If a few jealous Facebookers don't like it, too bad. I would like to mention its just my style; I'm not lusting / drooling / wanking off to that stuff. But I have a deep appreciation of the lightweight style of the female form and I don't think I am "bad" because I like that.

    Also, I do not watch p*rnography of any kind, nor do I consider the purpose of women to service my aesthetic tastes. But don't expect me to be the dancer of fat sally lee :)

  • Great question!

    First off, NOT every woman is beautiful. And NOT any shape or any size is beautiful. This is just the non-sense "everyone is a winner" self esteem building crap that leads to every kid getting a blue ribbon. The truth is competition is TOUGH. And if we're honest, not everyone is beautiful, not everyone is smart and not everyone gets to win every time.

    Next, are slim girls UNattractive? Hell no! What's unattractive are the girls that look like they could be livestock. There's nothing attractive about looking sloppy. Being toned and fit is HOT.

    To answer your questions: when I see a slim girl:

    1) I am more likely to find her attractive,

    2) I would assume she's real unless I had a reason to believe otherwise

    3) I would assume she eats just like me

    4) I wouldn't assume she's easy, but if I find her hot I'd assume most other guys would too, so I'd know she has LOTS of opportunities to have sex. That doesn't mean she takes them all.

    The only potential downside of a girl being "too fit" or thin is if it costs her having womanly boobs and a shapely butt. For me the holy grail is a girl who's fit and thin but has natural big, full and firm boobs. Basically, more of a glamour model than a Victoria Secret model (though the VS models are way hot too!)


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