I was looking at some previous questions posted about what turns guys off and..

i noticed not many at all said anything about a girl being fat.

most said stuff like bad breath, bad teeth, smoker, bad hygiene, a bit*h, etc..

i found this strange because lots of guys say they wouldn't date a fat girl..but then again, none of the guys that answered mentioned being fat a turn off..

why is this?

  • Because being fat isn't that much of a turn off
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  • Oh sh** I forgot to put that down in my answer!
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  • We didn't think we had to tell you what you already know.


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  • I think it generally goes without saying that obesity is extremely unattractive to most people.

  • in this case there are 2 types of guys, one who likes "fat" girls and one who doesnt, I like "fat" girls to a certain extent..guys that said they didn't like "fat" girls wouldn't answer this question because it would make them look bad, but they would answer a question that maybe said "who are better looking fat girls or normal girls" or "im really skinny, is that a turn off?" and of course they would answer "no! its turn on"...

  • "Fat" is a vague word.

    A better answer for a better question would be, I don't care about a girl being "overweight," I honestly don't. "Obesity" though, is a turnoff.

  • fat should be a given


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