How do you find a good blonde stylist?

My stylist fucked up my hair so badly. I want to cry. I don't even know if I can trust her anymore to fix my color.
I mean a colorist who does blonde color


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  • The Moldovian girl who cuts my hair is a nice blonde. :D


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  • You ask around. Maybe a student can do a better job because their grade depends on it and they get lots of help matching colors. Like a Paul Mitchell school, but if your hair is fried right now you need to just let it grow for about a month and moisturize as much as possible. Let it rest.

    • It isn't fried now. It looks too awful to go out in public.

    • Buy a cute beanie. Braid it, put it up. I've had that problem before and they even cut it wrong. All I could do was let it grow and be gentle with my hair.

    • I might just darken it which won't be damaging.

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